Our ‘Slow Flow Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath’ Full Moon event is almost upon us 23rd July at 7pm and we’d love for you to join us.

It promises to be a magical evening with twinkling fairy lights and candles, set in an enchanting glass roofed atrium – tucked away privately in an abundance of stunning countryside in Warfield.

After stretching out your body to a beautiful slow flow yoga routine, it will be time to get all snuggled up for your deeply restorative Yoga Nidra guided meditation, then the healing vibrations and frequencies of the Sacred Sound bath will soothe your soul.

After you wake slowly in the nurturing space we have created for you, you will be greeted with hot’s tea’s and scrumptious home made gluten free treats we will provide. There is then time for you to connect more deeply with yourself, (you may wish to bring a journal) or with others, and there will be Oracle decks around that you are welcome to use to uplift and inspire you. You are also welcome to bring along any of your crystals to be ‘charged’ by the sound frequencies and full moon.

The evening lasts roughly 2 hours and is over in Montessori School, Malt Hill, Warfield, Bracknell RG42 6JQ, on Thursday June 24th @7pm. Tickets are limited and are only £25 inclusive. If you need to borrow a mat, please let us know as we do have a few spare.

The whole event promises to be a haven of tranquility; sacred space for your healing and rejuvenating delights, and we can’t wait to welcome you along.

*In case you have not heard of Yoga Nidra, it is a gorgeously restorative practice designed to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation, basically like a guided meditation. You are guided (laying down in total comfort), through a series of steps to induce deeper relaxation that feels somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. This is where deep healing can occur and the Sound Bath will further help deepen what begins there.

After Yoga Nidra, while you are lying down with your eye mask and comfy blankets, the Sound bath will begin. There is nothing to do apart from rest and allow your body to absorb the sounds which include the Gong, Tibetan singing bowls, and finishes with chimes & rattles to ground you before we enjoy our teas, yummy treats and gently connecting under the light of the Full Moon

Previous Events




Yoga Workshop

24th May

18.30 – 20.30

Zoom – Online


Stress & Anxiety is a topic that is very dear to my heart having dedicated over a decade as a Specialist Coach, helping others find peace from the incessant thoughts, sleepless nights, and hand wringing anguish. It is also something I know of first hand, having suffered for most of my life prior to my own breakthroughs (and subsequent worldwide professional training).

This first in a series of standalone workshops, will be introducing you to transformational and insightful concepts about stress and anxiety, as well as teaching you powerful and enjoyable practices you can put into practice instantly. Over these workshops you will get a ‘real time’ taste of all the invaluable methods I have spent my life learning and teaching, and not only will you be learning these incredible tools and techniques, but you’ll also be discovering so much about the real ‘you’ in the process.

One of the most fascinating discoveries I have found whilst on this path is the underlying reason why we suffer so much stress and anxiety… and I don’t mean the heavy social pressure.., or the constant fear biased news, or the drive to achieve and keep up with other people… I don’t even mean the underlying feeling of not being good enough..

It is something that is so simple yet hidden in plain sight but when it hits you… its truly transformational ❤ ❤

The first of an interactive set of workshops for finding peace from Stress & Anxiety, this workshop is a masterpiece of powerful, insightful and enjoyable practices and information, borne from decades of learnings from all the greats in their fields.

Yoga Workshop


I would like to invite you to join me welcoming in the Spring Equinox on Saturday 20th March with a joyful celebration that is nourishment for mind, body and soul

Borne from my experience as both Kundalini Teacher and Wellbeing Coach; you can expect a nurturing, transformative and fun ‘Yoga & Manifestation’ Workshop that is suitable for all levels.

This is a perfect time to regain balance and harmony in our lives; a powerful opportunity to release the old, and sow seeds for what we would most love to create in our world. And, we get to harness the energy of the most ‘powerful manifesting dates of the year’ to do it in ❤️

In many cultures the Spring Equinox is known as the true New Year, when day and night are of equal hours, and the sun begins to return to its full power, flooding our Northern Hemisphere with light. In this new age of Aquarius, this light is bringing forth a deepening awareness and a further awakening of consciousness. It is also, as Sadguru explains, a time to balance the Feminine and the Masculine energies.

There’s something quite magical about just being in a group of like-minded souls who are all focussed on personal growth and self care. The amplified energy of such a group helps to enhance, expand and deepen our individual experience.

Activities will include gentle flowing Yoga (suitable for all levels), Kundalini Kriya, Mindfulness, Mudra, Sacred Breath-work, Music for you to shake, dance or move to (don’t worry you can turn the camera off), Celestial and Guided Meditations and a fun, creative Springtime Ritual. I will also be guiding you through a journey of self-discovery – where you have the opportunity to journal on some poignant life enhancing questions, helping you to better understand what is most important to you.

Earlybird household tickets for this 2hour event are just £22.22 (because this is a beautiful high vibing energy number).


I would love you to join me for a powerful online workshop that has been designed to align mind, body and spirit in joyful harmonious balance, preparing us for the ‘big event’ occurring Monday 21st December.
Not only will we be celebrating Winter Solstice, but we have one of the most important planetary alignments in history, as Jupiter and Saturn prepare to ‘kiss’, in what is known as the Great Conjunction, (or affectionately being called the Christmas Star). This has not occurred for 400 years and will not again for another 400 years.
Many cultures and religions have prophesied about this particular conjunction and the huge part it will play in humanities future. A common theme throughout these prophecies is how the alignment will activate our sleeping DNA, raise our individual and collective consciousness and herald in the Age of Aquarius, along with the potential Ascention to 5D. It has also been written that the conjunction will split the timelines, therefore, I was guided to bring this workshop out on Sunday to help bring us into the highest vibration possible before this ‘split’, and we join whichever timeline we are a nearer vibrational match to.
In what I aim to be an inspiring, fun and powerful workshop, you will be lead to gently release your choice of beliefs, (patterns, self talk, habits etc) that have been holding you back and hijacking your joy. We will also be practicing 2x sessions of gentle Yoga (suitable for all levels), practicing powerful visualisation exercises, as well as performing joyful rituals, a Kundalini based Kriya (a special Yogic exercise with breath and movement), mindfulness and mudra. There will also be a guided meditation and a couple of music tracks designed to help us let loose and shake or dance our bodies out (don’t worry we close eyes for this or you can switch off your camera)
Tickets are just £15 and you are welcome to invite other members of your household who this may resonate with.
Too book your place and find out more please visit: https://de-vinespirit.bookwhen.com/schedules/9m2d52plc3o6


The Enchanted Market is back in Bracknell for a 2x day charity event, raising money for Thames Hospice.  It is a family event designed for all ages with live music, workshops, talks, facepainters and dancers and entertainers and is held at Garth Hill College, Bull Lane ,Bracknell , RG42 2AD

Over 150 stalls, healers, readers,  4x stages of Live music, including Graham Steel Music Company stage, Duke Box Steampunk Alley,  Jadoo’s Jingles Belly dance Hafla ,Talks, Workshops , Bar , Cafe All that for only £2 a day admission

OR – admission for both days plus Saturday night concert. Featuring Spriggan Mist , Damh the Bard & Captain Of The Lost Waves After Party with Victor and the Bully.  Also the Preparty on 14th with Free Peace Sweet and Corvus at The Acoustic Couch Price – for just £15 per ticket – please contact organisers directly on link below

The Enchanted Market is a non profit making venture with all profits going to local chosen charities.  This years Chosen Charity is  Thames Hospice.  https://www.enchanted-market.co.uk/

De-Vine Spirit will be there with a Stall filled with our lovely Banisteriopsis Caapi and giving talks on the health benefits throughout each day.  Also will be providing a Kundalini Yoga taster session, where you can try out a mini class in the comfort of your chair at 10:15 on Sunday morning =)


25TH/26TH JANUARY 2020

Berkshires longest running and finest Mind Body Spirit Fayre. Set in a beautiful location at the Fredricks Hotel Maidenhead.

Door entry is donation towards helping little Natalia walk. She has a rare condition which means she needs extensive physiotherapy to walk and her mum needs our help with this beautiful little girl. The MBS Fayre have helped Natalia in the past and she is making great progress.

This is a 2-day event running 25th and 26th from 12-5, with multiple therapists and stalls on both days, including, crystals, joss sticks, magnetic jewellery, jewellery, beauty products and gadgets, aloe vera, juice plus, clothes, arts and crafts to name but a few. As well as Clairvoyants and Mediums, there are some amazing free talks workshops and demonstrations. De-Vine Spirit will be there on Sunday 26th giving a talk about the benefits of Banisteriopsis Caapi as well as holding a Kundalini Yoga taster session. Wear something comfy and bring along a cushion if you have (there will be limited available) =). Click here for further detail




Berkshires longest running and finest Mind Body Spirit Fayre. Set in a beautiful location at the Fredricks Hotel Maidenhead.

Door entry = fundraising event for a beautiful and inspirational woman Shellie Clark who has skin cancer that has spread throughout her body. Shellie is a wonderful person who brings love and light into so many peoples lives. The link to her fundraising page is here:- https://www.gofundme.com/f/beautiful-sister-shellie

There will be live music from Andy Prince who channels healing reiki music through his sounds throughout the day, alongside some amazing free talks workshops and demonstrations. De-Vine Spirit will be there giving a talk about the benefits of Banisteriopsis Caapi. Click here for further detail



In conjunction with our Conscious Creative Arts & Crafts exhibition at fredericks hotel, Clare Schilds will be holding an alcohol ink painting workshop from 1 to 2 PM.

This is so much fun to do and any level of art experience can participate. Clare will show you how to create wonderful art using alcohol inks. Alcohol inks have become really popular due to being such a relaxing and easy activity. Watch as colours interact and create unique patterns on Yupo paper. All materials provided on the day.

Cost is 20.00 per person. arts and crafts supplies will be provided so that you can take home your very own creation. Click here to book.


28TH APRIL 2019

Experience a fascinating Aura and Chakra reading with Helen Jones  using the AuraVideo7 to measure your energy field, revealing  the current state of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies, and see the shape and intensity of your main chakras and Aura.  Readings take between 20-25 mins and cost £20 per person

13:0017:00 PM

Farnborough, GB


14th APRIL 2019

Join Michael English for a fun introductory Easter Raw Chocolate workshop creating tasty raw chocolates with all natural organic ingredients and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of raw cacao. Perfect timing with Easter round the corner- make gifts for loved ones.  Price is £25 for single ticket and £40 for a couple

14:0017:00 PM

Farnborough, GB

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