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Come enjoy a super healing and nourishing ‘sonic massage’, to soothe mind, body and soul. Nothing to do except relax and unwind with this ancient healing modality.
Fantastic for assisting the body to repair and rejuvenate at a cellular level by putting you into the all important alpha and theta brainwaves.  The vibrations & frequencies of the ancient gong and crystal bowls will also help shift out old stagnancies and stress hormones, which can turn toxic in the system if not dealt with.
In this way, soundbaths are also a great source of ‘dis-ease’ prevention, ensuring the body is given as much space and nourishment to heal and repair any early symptoms of illness and help you come into homeostasis.
Sound healing is not new, it has been used for thousands of years by our most ancient and wisest ancestors such as the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and Native Americans. We too successfully use sound healing today on all manner of ailments – from migraines, insomnia, mental and emotional imbalances, stress, anxiety, digestive issues and many other medical conditions.
The frequencies and vibrations of sound baths slow our brainwaves down to alpha and theta waves which is where deep restorative healing (even to DNA level) can occur. This is known as altered states of consciousness, and you can come away from a sound bath knowing you have not only given yourself some time to deeply relax, but you are being healed at a cellular level at the same time
Contra-indications: This session is not suitable for anyone with heart conditions (pacemaker), epilepsy or first trimester of pregnancy.
What to bring: mat, cushions (for head and under knees) and water bottle. Wear something comfortable and in layers to adjust if too hot or cold, a light blanket or wrap if you wish.
I have a couple of spare mats if required, please contact me.


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