How I make your potent little bottles of love <3

Rehydrating sacred plant medicines from the jungle is an act of beauty, love and sacred contemplation for me <3. I really enjoy the ritual and feel honoured to have the opportunity to bring you something so nurturing and healing…

When you’ve been to the Jungle yourself and seen these plants in their habitat, or been though the sacred ceremonies the indigenous tribes themselves would go through, you get a real respect for the sacredness of these wonderful ‘teacher plants’.  With everything I do, from receiving the paste direct from source throughout its whole journey to your door, I want to bring that same level of sacredness and respect


Preparation and Timings

I feel especially connected with the Moon, being it is my ruling planet (if astrology is your thing, but if not, no matter, skim past lol).  Actually that said, if you are of a pure scientific mind-set, you probably want to skip this entire blog as it is more spiritual and of sacredness in nature. This does nothing to distract from the powerful scientific properties the plants have in and of themselves, but for those of us with hearts that light up in joy for the spiritual and sacred, this might be more of interest to you.

I like to time my Rehydration ‘Ceremonies’ with the phases of the Moon.  The Moon itself has extraordinary effects on our bodies (being that we are 70-90% water), and is known for ruling our emotions and sense of creativity.  Water teaches us that we need to ‘feel it to heal it’ and if we act upon that invitation it can bring us into deep compassion for ourselves and others. Compassion helps soften our beliefs and judgements, breaking down rigidity of thought, and bringing us more into the ‘flow’ state, where things can start to happen more by ease and synchronicity.

The ‘New Moon’ energy focuses on new beginnings, sowing seeds, initiating plans.  The ‘Full Moon’ energy is more around releasing, let go, detoxifying, healing…

Of course the plants themselves carry their own healing properties regardless of how they are rehydrated, however, this is just an extra blessing on top that I feel honoured and called to bring you.

On the rehydration date, I will have cleared and cleaned my kitchen, sage smudged throughout, (including my own aura) and meditated to bring myself into the most clear and loving channel I can be.

Then candles are lit, beautiful music is played – I use real Ayahausca Ceremony music, which is her language to help ‘wake her’ gently from her slumber in dehydrated form.  The freshly distilled water and paste are meticulously measured and brought to life, while being specially ‘blessed’ with thoughts, words and sometimes songs of gratitude by me personally.  They are always blessed with Peace, Health, Love and Abundance as a minimum. Then once I have felt that it is ready, the beautiful elixir is bottled up and placed within a circle of my crystals and ‘heart-stones’ that have been made for me by my own dear parents.

The bottles are left to sit in the loving embrace of crystals, candles, heart-stones (which are clay love hearts with hand written words such as love, gratitude, abundance, courage, peace, joy etc).  Palo-santo or sage essence burns away, along with the soft alluring music; the ambiance is a delight of beautiful and powerful vibration, under whichever Moon is up for that evening.



I really enjoy making these small yet powerful bottles of nurturing and healing love for you.  I hope they bless you as they have blessed me, and you enjoy all the benefits the ‘Madre’ has in store for you =) <3