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As far back as I can remember I have had a real interest in people; I have always enjoyed meeting new people and exchanging life experiences.  My parents’ work involved counselling and psychotherapy, so I grew up with a heightened level of awareness about the individuality of each person.

I also absorbed both consciously and seemingly by osmosis, a great deal of information on the unique way that we all construct our inner world; how we form our beliefs and values which then ultimately drive our interactions with others.

As a young adult I had a burning curiosity to see the world, so worked hard in various roles to get to a number of far off places including Australia and Africa before settling in to a career in the UK.  I subsequently went on to work in the corporate world, making a very good living as a Client Relationship Manager for a large company, where I worked for 12 years.  After encountering a fair amount of ‘knocks’ personally, my interest in understanding the effects of values and beliefs on people grew to such an extent that, working in my own time, I returned to my studies of NLP and Psychology.

It soon became very clear to me that my real career interest lay in utilising these skills to assist others, by enabling them to challenge the emotional and psychological blocks, which they have felt held back by.

I completed my Master Practitioner’s in NLP, Life-Coaching and Hypnosis with Christopher Howard in Nov 2007, TFT algorithm training in 2009 with Callahan Techniques®, Life Mastery in Fiji with Athony Robbins, Reiki in 2010 and both Heart Intelligence with Christian Pankhurst and Fearless Feminine Presence with Rachel-Jane Groover in 2012 

2012 was the start of another cycle of difficulties for me as I went through trauma with my Dad having a Stroke, needing to organise the move of my whole expat family back to UK to help his recovery, suffered multiple failed IVF treatments, the transition of my long term relationship to ‘just good friends’, a devastating house fire which took everything to the ground, losing all three of my cats to age related deaths and nursing my dog through cancer and a subsequent leg amputation, helping my Dad find an alternative protocol for Cancer that he is still winning so far, having to evict both sets of my tenants for failure to pay rent and having to extract myself from a narcissistic relationship, which opened a whole new level of understandings about narcissism and boundary issues thereby growing my personal and professional understandings dramatically.

Challenging times to say the least and yet in all of those difficult times I still felt the Universe was supporting me, I still learned so much about the world and about myself. I feel like I have crammed 100 lifetimes into this one. I know pain, suffering and loss like the back of my hand. Yet I also know unbridled joy, still have the curiosity, awe and playfulness of a child, the tenacity of a terrier with its favourite bone, and I am grateful beyond words for the people and the universe who still support me and my dream of helping create a more loving and healthy planet. My own suffering has helped me have understanding and compassion in droves.. so for that I am truly grateful <3

In more recent times, aside from running a successful coaching practice, I have helped set up a few Global businesses for friends, run coaching groups, journeyed to the jungle alone to try the Sacred Plant Supplements ‘Ayahausca’ and also partaken in a Kambo ceremony. I am passionate about Acro Yoga, which I have been practicing for a couple of years and will spend time with animals any chance I can get.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read my page.  If you are ready to embrace and reclaim your life; to love and live as the free, authentic and beautiful being that you are, please contact me using the contact button below.

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