Banisteriopsis Caapi Pure Vine Blends



Please note that whilst Caapi is legal in all countries except France and Australia, each country has its own importing rules, therefore we request doing your own country checks before purchasing and inform us of your instructions after ordering. Customers must understand that we will do our best to package and send paperwork as per your request, however we cannot resell your product once it’s left our premises should it be returned.  Refunds will not be given for postage, and only be given on product on a case by case basis. Customers also need to be aware that there may be VAT to be paid if your order value is above a certain threshold. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss further.  **Occurrences of returned packages are rare, but if this changes we may need to revisit our terms

Pure Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine micro-dosing drops, from Ayahuasca (No DMT).  This sacred plant remedy is used for increased clarity, focus, creativity, greater intuition, increased energy, promotes inner calm, helps develop stronger boundaries, has been found to help ease depression and anxiety and can help relieve symptoms of neuro-degenerative diseases. Please check with your Doctor before taking in case of any contra-indications

30ml Bottles contain approx 600 drops (3-4 months use). Keep refrigerated.

*Please Note: Contraindications: Some people are much more sensitive to the beta carbolines in micro dosing pure caapi vine only. If, after micro dosing, you begin to feel anxiety, headaches, heart palpitations take a break from the drops and take a look at the foods you are eating, avoid fermented foods, red wine, basically foods that contain a high amount of Tyramine as they can spike this sensitivity. Please connect with us as we are happy to help.

Drug Interactions: Tryptamine containing plants mixed with Caapi may cause hallucinations. Some pharmaceuticals including SSRIs, heart and blood pressure medications can have interactions with B Caapi Vine. Please consult your physician before beginning to microdose if you are on any medications. Some physicians do not recognize many natural remedies. B caapi contains Beta carbolines (MAOI). Specifically, Harmine, Harmaline and Tetrahydroharmine. This information is what you need to share with your doctor.


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