About us

Although the concept of creating a Holistic Healing Centre has been in the making for many decades, De-Vine Spirit was finally brought to life after receiving what I joyfully call ‘divine’ inspiration from a life-changing journey to the jungle. 

After taking part in intensely challenging but sacred ceremonies, it was here that I had my final ‘call’, a call I realised I had been ignoring for too long. All the jigsaw pieces fell into place and my decades of research, hard work, and personal development came into one vision, of which I am even now still building upon.

The name De-Vine Spirit is of course inspired by the beautiful plant who I worked with – The Vine Ayahausca, affectionately known as ‘The Madre’, but in Quechua language Ayahausca means ‘Vine Spirit’…. A perfectly fitting name 😉

You can find out more about my journey to the jungle and my plans for further expansion in my blog here.


 I came back from the Jungle with a strong ‘knowing’ of how I can be of even more service to the world by packing all these inspiring teachings into one place. And now along with all the other amazing tools and services I have dedicated my life to learning and teaching, I bring you Sacred Supplements Plants; packed full of phytonutrients, alkaloids and my personal blessings during the special rehydration ceremonies


I hope to bring you as much joy, abundance, peace and fulfilment as all I have learned, has bought me <3