Are you making personal change impossible?

Do you know, there are 3 types of people in the world.

The first type settles for what they have. They don’t like it, but they also don’t do anything about it.

The second type wants more out of life, they sets goals, but constantly struggle to get ahead.

And then there is the third type…..

These are the people living their dreams, the people who seem to get whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Contrary to popular belief, these people aren’t ‘special,’ They don’t have a secret the rest of us aren’t in on.

Instead, they have a skill–whether they know it or not–that makes everything possible.

The great news is, anyone can learn it. Like playing piano or riding a bike, it’s an ability you can practice and master. Once you do, your life will never be the same.

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7 Ways You’re Making Personal Change Impossible:

You can have the best ideas on earth, but if you’re committing one of the sins below, chances are they’ll never be more than just that–an invisible idea.

1. Waiting for Approval

Are you waiting for someone else to say it’s ok? To say that your idea or your goal or your dream is acceptable and worth chasing? If so, you may be waiting a long, long time.

You don’t need permission to improve your life. There is no certification board that accepts or denies claims for change or achievement.

It’s up to you, as it always has been, so stop waiting for permission and just do it.

2. Listening to Others

We might not like it, but the fact is that friends and family aren’t always thrilled about our goals to improve.


Because when you stand up to reach for more, it makes it painfully clear that everyone else is still sitting down.

Most people would rather you stay put and not make them look or feel bad about their choices. Unfortunately for them, your goal in life is not to keep from rocking the boat. Your goal should be to do what is best for you and your loved ones. Not what is easy, not what is common, not what is accepted–what is best.

Stop listening to the naysayers, no matter how connected they are to you, and chase those goals.

3. Aiming Too Low

Goals have to inspire. If they’re too easy, the rewards (incentives) will be too small. And without a powerful reason to do something, we’ll do nothing.

Make sure your goals are exciting. They need to motivate you just by thinking about them and all the positives they’ll bring into your life.

Never aim too low.

4. Aiming Too High

On the other hand, if your goals are too lofty, you’ll feel overwhelmed and never act on them.

You have to find that happy medium between easy and hard, choosing goals that are challenging but also achievable.

A lot of people will actually set goals they know are impossible so they don’t have to do anything about them. They get to tell themselves they’re setting goals without having to face their fears or move forward.

Don’t be one of these people. Don’t aim too high.

5. Clinging to the Past

Just because you messed up once doesn’t mean you’re destined to mess up every time. Honestly, it doesn’t.

People work up the courage to finally act on their goals, and, when it doesn’t work the first time, they are crushed. Even the thought of trying again makes them cower in fear–they don’t want to fail again.

First, failure is part of the game. You can’t do important things without failing because important things are hard, take time, and hide from the weak-willed.

Second, failing once doesn’t mean you’ll always fail… as long as you adjust your strategy. You can’t continue doing the same things and hope for a better outcome.

You have to learn from your mistakes and make smart adjustments the second time around. Do that, and you won’t have to worry about forever repeating a painful past.

6. Waiting in Line

Are you waiting for someone else to do it first?

Stop waiting.

Yes, it’s easier to let someone create the path. Yes, it’s easier to put the burden on them, to wait for them to figure out the right way to do it.

But a happy life isn’t about easy. It’s about taking control, getting clarity, and
charging forward. Don’t follow the path; create your own.

7. Preparing Forever

This may be the most popular technique of the procrastinator. ‘Just one more book, just one more article, just one more…’

You don’t need to study for ten years before acting on your goals. You don’t even need
ten months or ten weeks.

You can do something about what you want with what you have right now. It doesn’t have to be a life-changing step forward, just a single step forward. And then another…and another…

No more analysing and no more over thinking.

Get to work. (Jason Gracia)