Hi loves – It’s me with another fascinating date fact and energy forecast for you 😉.

Excitingly, Tuesday 26th July is actually ‘New Years Day’ 🎉 in the Galactic calendar, (which is the ancient calendar the Mayans used). The 25th July is known on the same calendar as ‘the Day out of Time’.. a day of reverence where we get to ‘step out of time’; to give thought to our forgotten dreams, and then to realign our energies, and connect back with our hearts and souls desires.

It also marks the start of the Lionsgate Portal opening, when the powerful light encoded energy streams down from our spiritual sun – the Dog Star Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star we can see – twice the size of our Sun and 26x brighter, so during the portal it appears closer to Earth.

As the portal opens, planet Earth starts to become flooded with this powerful light from the cosmos. It’s said to activate dormant codes within us; raising our vibration and our level of consciousness; helping heal us from old trauma’s and to release things that no longer serve us. We are given a huge boost in clearing all the old templates and patterns that have held us back from living our highest truth.

For those of you who are fairly early days along your spiritual path, you may not have heard of these portal’s yet, but they happen every year and are getting stronger each time. Earlier this month we had the 7/7 Portal which was the precursor to this main event… it was a time to prepare and lay down the groundwork to receive these beautiful light coded energies. And although this energy is ‘available’ to all beings, those of us who understand the power they yield, want to connect ‘consciously’ to ensure we are making the absolute best of it.

Going back to ancient times the Egyptians clearly honoured Sirius during this Lionsgate portal with Sirius and the Orion belt lining up perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza. And although there is some controversy about whether the peak of this portal is actually on 8/8, the 8/8 number itself hold a monumental amount of power. In numerology it is the number of manifestation and of infinity. We know that the Masons, and the very rich and powerful have always taken dates and astrology very seriously, so the controversy is in a way to be expected. You might like to listen to this interview if you are interested in delving in further about the Lionsgate portal

I am very much looking forward to giving you a special short meditation to help assist with connecting to these energies on Tuesday at the upcoming ‘Meditation & Soundbath’ event. There are just a few spaces left if you would like to make the most of this too.

Otherwise, you might like to have a think about honouring this New Year’s Day and start of Lionsgate in your own way, maybe with a spot of journalling. Have a think about what you would like to purge and release during this time. What would you most like to heal in your heart, (don’t skimp on this part as its really important to give space to feeling what needs to heal). You do not have to do it alone, but it should not be buried any longer.

And when it comes to manifesting, the old style of manifesting (the car, the job, the house etc) is not where it’s at.. we are being called to pay attention to how we would most like to ‘feel’ when our lives feel most authentically on track with our heart. So rather think about manifesting in that way.. maybe its feeling connected, free, loved, beautiful, abundant, sensual, adventurous… and then do your own meditation to call it in.

I hope you have a beautiful rest of your weekend my loves. I look forward to seeing you either Tuesday for our New Year’s Day & Lionsgate Soundbath, or for Kundalini in the Park on Thursday which will be in Lilly Hill Park Bracknell (see schedule for further details). It is also the New Moon in Leo on Thursday, adding an extra level of potency to manifesting during this Portal window.

Love light and blessings