The 22.2.22 Ascension Portal Guided Meditation


This meditation is recorded without music so you can play music of your choice along side it 🙂

This Tuesday (twos-day) we have a once in a lifetime powerful portal opening. It’s an opportunity to come together in little pockets all around to globe to raise the collective consciousness of the planet

Tesla said that the secrets of the universe are energy, frequency and vibration, and those of you who have looked into sacred geometry will know that numbers, mathematical equations and the ancient language of numerology play rather a large role in those ‘secrets’. The frequency of the number 22, (which is known as “The Master Builder number”) is anchoring us into love, unity and compassion as Conscious Creators. The frequency of co-creation, devotion, embodiment and intuition are also all aspects of the Master Builder 22 number, and this powerful Portal date supports us to anchor in higher timelines for collective awakening. Also day 22 of the lunar cycle is known as Wisdom Day, and aside from a wonderful day for learning, for sages and philosophers, is a day when information seemingly just drops into our awareness, as if from heaven itself - 3rd eye activation is highlighted. This would also be a good day to meditate with the Sri Yantra (image above)
This guided meditation is to assist you in maximising the powerful energy that will be flooding the planet on this date, and helping you to choose your highest timeline 

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