With many of my Yogi’s having been hit with a cold, flu or bug these last weeks it prompted me to write this list of ‘must have supplements’ so you can start getting your immune systems bolstered asap before the winter months kick in.

All of these supplements I take personally, and I am recommending from my heart, but please do your own research and check if you have any contraindications to be aware of. Even neutraceuticals should be taken with caution. For example both Broccoli and Grapefruit are powerful allies for health, except if you are on certain medication when either of these become highly dangerous. Strange but true.

The thing to remember is that most plants (barring those really dangerous ones like deadly nightshade) are rarely harmful to us. Only when the pharmaceutical companies made their synthetic remedies – which then disrupted our bodies ability to respond in harmony with nature, did we need to become more cautious

Don’t get me wrong, pharmaceutical treatments can be extremely helpful in acute situations (really bad headaches, intense pains from injuries, and other illnesses that have reached critical danger point), however in chronic long term situations, it can be more preferable to work with a Naturopath or ‘Functional Doctor’ where possible, so they can work with you holistically. Otherwise, people often end up on a rollercoaster of ridding one problem only to have a new one pop up as a side effect from the original one, and before you know it more and more tabs are needed to deal with the fall out of the last ‘remedy’.

I wish more could have been done by the government in issuing immune boosting supplements and advice, and removing the constant media fear frenzy which stimulated stress activated adrenaline and cortisol hormones. In contrast some countries (such as El Salvador) have actually issued their nation with ‘covid care packs’ – a lovely little pack containing Vitamin C, painkillers, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Ivermectin.

Anyway with aaaalll of that said – here are the supplements (which have been recommended by the Swiss Policy Research Institute, as one of many sources) to be vital in the role of boosting immune system to make you less of a target for flu, cold or covid.

  1. Vitamin D3 and K2 – 2000 IU (50mcg)
  2. Zinc – 50mg
  3. Quercertin – 250mg
  4. Vitamin C – 500mg

I also use the following which I have researched to be beneficial.

  1. Therapeutic grade Oregano oil 5x drops in olive oil (I use if ever I feel worried I have been around anyone with cold or flu symptoms)
  2. NAC
  3. Iodine
  4. Zeolite powder (is on my list to take but I have not yet found a source)
  5. Fennel seed/Pine Needle or Star Anise Tea

I have not been sick once in the duration of the pandemic and I put that down to prioritising boosting my immune system with good food, supplements, yoga, exercise, breath-work, meditation and being careful about what I consume (mainly through eyes, ears and vibration) for my mental well-being. I never watch the news or even TV programs, just the odd film and the rest of the time I watch documentaries or uplifting talks and interviews.

Oh and cat videos… you can’t beat a funny cat video ;p haha. Lots of laughter is absolutely the way forward and its been widely studied at how important laughter is for our immune system <3 <3.

All of this is just an offering for you to consider, please do not feel obliged to do anything with it if it doesn’t resonate and you are happy with your own health strategy.

I do not have a degree in health and nutrition, just an extremely healthy approach to researching all that I can, and making sure I take information from multiple sources so I can cross reference. It is important to note that ‘science’ by its very nature cannot ever be ‘set’. The true meaning of science is to be constantly proving itself wrong and ‘all scientific explanations are tentative’, so I don’t ever hand over responsibility to anyone else when it comes to my health. I like to be as thorough as I can be and am always a little wary when there is only ‘one’ narrative allowed to be in circulation especially of things that are so new and still in research phase.

Each person must do what is right for them individually though, as we are all unique and there is not a one size fits all.. which is why I am all about having the freedom to choose what feels best to your own unique system. Risks need to be weighed up on an individual basis no matter what route is taken with our health. Most people are fine eating peanuts, but for some it is a death sentence. Lets always just be kind to each other on this very intense journey <3.

Sat Nam xx