Healing Physical Conditions Guided Meditation


This guided meditation is a channelled piece of work from ‘The Madre’ herself.  Designed to help you heal naturally from physical ailments and disease in the body, and created to be used in conjunction with your Caapi micro-dosing protocol.  It is not intended to replace the guidance of a Doctor, but as part of your overall healing process.  You will be guided on a journey into the body to meet the nurturing Madre, who will expertly help you release pain and dis-ease and revitalise your health at a cellular level.  Although this mediation is incredibly powerful, it can be used as frequently as you wish, and each time your inner guidance will bring a new layer to up be healed.  If you have more time available to you, you may wish to purchase the Hypnosis version of this journey, which will take you even deeper into the process.

Running time 17 Minutes

Format MP3

Once purchased you will receive a link via email to download the full meditation


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