Hi my loves

Eclipse season is here, and in my last blog about Diwali, I also brought up the powerful solar eclipse that’s coming on Tuesday 25th October, alongside the new moon in Scorpio. This marks an intense time for personal and global transformation, and the potential for some deep awakenings….. Eclipses are known for revealing and concealing.

The effects of the eclipse season can be felt weeks before it actually takes place, as well as some time after the last one of the year (due on 8th Nov), so if you have been feeling a bit rocked about by this intense energy then you may want to book on for the 8th Nov Full Moon mini retreat (which I have just released tickets for).

Traditionally new moons are a time for setting intentions and manifestations, but during an eclipse they act more like a full moon; with a very strong call to go inward and to take time to reflect upon where we are at, encouraging us to discover new depths of ourselves. We are being asked to take no less than a jump into the void; to release what is not serving us, yet with no real idea of what to replace it with.. (yet). Solar eclipses tend to bring about sudden new beginnings or unexpected news.

Whatever themes are being brought up in your life during this Solar eclipse in Scorpio will be better understood (and be helped to clear) with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 8th November. Given that Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus rules relationships as well as all resources – food, farming, finances, fuel, then these will be the areas we will be feeling some intensity in.

The lunar eclipse is going to help us see the truth of what is going on in our lives.. it is asking us to go into the depths of our own deep waters. To feel what is really going on beneath the surface – both individually, as well as collectively.

We will be given clarity to see where we (individually and collectively) have been acting out trauma from the past, and will be helped in healing and reconciling where are we are not being true to ourselves.. What power have you given away and what have you been willing to sacrifice of yourself for so called comfort? This will be getting harder to ignore.

Both the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse energies are saying stop!….step back, and take a look at where are you out of balance. To look at where are you might be harming yourself by being out of alignment, and with great compassion to ask yourself how can you can right this.

We are truly being guided and supported by these cosmic, universal energies to come back into ourselves. Have faith, everything is unfolding as it should. Allow yourself time for some stillness – to meditate or journal on difficult feelings rather than trying to avoid or numb them. Uranus is activating some deep purging for many of us, and don’t be surprised by some sudden cutting of ties in and around you. It is all happening for the highest good, no matter the temporary discomfort.

The old paradigm of dominance, control and ‘power over others’ is dying. We are being encouraged to move into collaboration and cooperation – into community. We are being called to step off the beaten track and to dare to dive deep. To creatively express ourselves in a way that is in balance and harmony with ‘all that is’. Listen to the wisdom of the natural earth and live from the heart. It is time to deeply understand that we are all connected…, time to break out of unhealthy patterns, and to welcome our sacred feminine and sacred masculine energy back into their divine joint ruling place together.

Working with these energies ‘consciously’ is so very helpful, and luckily there are just a few places left for the Samhain Soundbath, Cacao & Fire celebrations next Sunday 30th Oct. Not only is this a beautifully nourishing event of its own, but also with it falling in the middle of eclipse season it will really help hold you through this crazy intense energy if you can get along to it.

Things should otherwise start to calm down a bit towards the end of November when the more tumultuous energy of the eclipses have lost some intensity, so don’t let yourselves get caught up in any of the drama unfolding at this time. Keep an open mind and a soft heart. Stay in the observer position… try to detach from making any judgements, and keep stripping off any layers of ‘stuff’ that is not yours any more.

Sending an abundance of love and light. Bring yourselves along to a Kundalini class on a Thursday evening if you can. It has been designed to help burn off any heavy dark energy, leaving you brighter and lighter, and ready for a beautiful night sleep.

Hope to see you all at a class or event soon

Sat Nam xxx