Throughout January (and most of last year) the energy was all a little chaotic.. With the North Node in Gemini for whole of 2021 it meant we were very ‘heady’ with ideas bouncing about from one thing to another – giving us scattered energies and very little focus. It’s no wonder we have felt exhausted and a bit lacking in sense of direction..

But all that is about to change big time <3. I have been researching February’s energy for many, many hours, because with so many really big planetary and astrological events, its such an important month for change. Now is the time to put in a bit of effort to set ourselves up in the best way possible for the year ahead, and I didn’t want to miss anything to share with you..

Initially from the perspective of our yoga class creation, it felt like another month for revisiting the theme of Integrity.. but it feels even bigger than that, (as in wider).

February’s energy is going to be way more stable than what we have had for a long time… All planets are turning direct and there won’t be any in retrograde for at least 3x months (a comparatively long time for this to happen). It is like we are finally getting that ‘GO, GO, GO’ sign..

The themes and buzzwords coming forth for February are as follows: ‘manifesting’ (was strong), there was also a whole lot more around ‘truth’ (both confronting our own, as well as discovering more about society). The theme of ‘awakening’ was strong, there was also themes of ‘community’, ‘expression’, feeling more ‘driven to achieve and to connect to purpose’, and there was also emphasis on ‘cultivating stillness’.

So with all of these BIG and sometimes diametrically apposed energies we have going on this month, finding a common theme for class (and life) was a bit tricky.. And then it hit me. What’s the one thing that brings all of this together… ‘Awakening our Divine Power’….

What a perfect theme to have in the most important month of the year! Especially with what’s happening in Canada currently – as they bravely show us just how much power we truly have when we connect divinity with humanity <3

February starts with a trifecta whammy: New Moon, Imbolc and the Chinese New Year (Tiger) all on the 1st! Each of these are phenomenal for manifesting in their own right, so having this trifecta is an opportunity not to be missed. Take time to feel into what you want to bring in to your life before the 1st Feb if possible. You may also wish to do a little physical decluttering in your home and work space in order to make space energetically for bringing in the new.

These are the big events we have this month:

Imbolc - 1st Feb

New Moon in Aquarius - 1st Feb (Radical change)

Chinese New Year - Water Tiger - 1st Feb

Mercury Direct - 3rd Feb

Venus Direct - Jan 29th

De-Vine Spirit ‘Celebrating Love from within’ Event - 13th Feb

Valentines Day 14th Feb

Full Moon in Leo - 16th Feb

The New Portal/Venusian Gateway 22.2.22 (Big energies)

The ‘awakening’ we feel will be slightly different for each of us depending on how far we already have gone on our journey already. Some of us will remain a bit sleepy and snoozy still blinking their eyes open for awhile.., others will be jumping out of bed ready to seize the day.

My invitation is to have this theme in mind this month, taking things at the pace that is right for you. Be gentle with yourselves (if you need to be), but if you are ready to jump on the horse and take charge then feel confident that you’ll have the Universe Army behind you.

What could ‘Awakening your Divine Power’ look like for you?

  • For some it will be working with stillness, presence – learning to listen to intuition. (3rd eye, crown chakra, sacral, solar plexus)
  • For others it will be more of a focus on getting into integrity with what you already know to be true.. Speaking your truth, living your truth (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat)
  • For others it will be working on your visions, creatively bringing forth desires to manifest (3rd eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus)

If you were working on integrity (in this example) and wanting to speak your truth, it would need to come from an open heart and throat chakra. But that would be incredibly hard to do if your root chakra is not in balance. You have to feel safety first which is what the root chakra is all about. After all, who tells the full truth if they think its going to get them kicked out of their home, job, relationships or community…?

Yet someone who feels full safety, love and sovereignty within themselves would be able to do it regardless of consequences. This is what happens when you have your lower 3x chakras in balance. Radical integrity becomes your shield of protection and the universe lines you up with everything that is actually meant for you <3. ‘That’ is the real divine awakening of your inner power.

If your heart Chakra is not open and in full harmony (which is the case for the majority of people), then that means there is still work to do in the lower 3x. It is only when the lower 3x are in alignment that the higher ones open at their fullest.

So there is much to be excited about – think how much more you will have working for you when you balance your chakra’s: how much more peace, how much more intuition, how much more love and compassion you will have once they are <3

Happy February my loves <3

The first few days of Feb are especially powerful, so its worth putting in the effort to harness the manifesting energy from the New Moon, Imbolc and Chinese New Year to set things in place for the whole year ahead.

For those of you that come to class I am looking forward to our time together – working on our lower 3x chakra’s with the theme of awakening your divine power. And for the rest of you lovely’s, have a super month ahead; take this initiating energy and go grab life.

I’ll write more about the Chinese New Year Tiger energy soon, otherwise this will be way too long ;)… (is that even possible haha).

Namaste xx