What brings you joy?

I love to bake healthy sweet treats, eat a rainbow, cuddle my cat, get out in nature (especially to see the horses), have deep, meaningful and rambling conversation, to move my body with exercises, expand my mind, drop into my soul, stare at the stars..

Hi my loves, I wanted to check in with you all to see how you are doing, as I know some of you have been struggling with the ‘soupy’ thick energy lately. All of that can play havoc with proper rest/sleep and leave us feeling a little drained and flat. That in turn messes up our routines, leaving us even less motivated to do the things we know will probably perk us up.

It can become a bit of a vicious circle if we don’t catch on to what’s happening. And if you are an Empath like me, then it can also spark of a bout of trauma related ‘hyper vigilance’ setting off a need to ‘do do do’; and bringing with it huge waves of overwhelm. When you reach this point, it’s common to think nothing you do is ‘enough’.

So I wanted to remind you (and me) that we are enough 💗 And when (or if) you feel this way, it is time to do the total opposite of what your mind might be screaming at you to do, and sloooooow things right down.

Notice whats happening (without judgement), and take stock of how you are feeling. The likelihood is that you’ve forgotten (albeit temporarily) what brings you joy, and are out of coherence with your heart. Feelings of gratitude, curiosity and awe will become less easy to muster, so checking how easy to access these feelings are, is a good litmus test – and if it’s tricky, then your vibration set point could do with a spring clean.

Take some time out to think about what brings you pleasure and joy, and make doing/having it a priority. The interesting thing is that when you do ANYTHING from a place of joy, gratitude, love, curiosity etc, then whatever you’re doing is easy… It just flows.

Conversely when you are in overwhelm EVERYTHING takes longer… and is harder, and mistakes get made. It truly is worth taking a bit of time out for an energy ‘reset’ as not only will you feel better, but whatever chores are overwhelming you will seem to do themselves from this new, higher vibrational place.

Today after seeing clients I did just that; I treated myself to one of my favourite things that brings me into a state of ease, flow and joy. And that is to bake something sweet and healthy. Today I baked a healthy ‘Lemon Drizzle Cake’ and I’d forgotten just how good it makes me feel to be in the kitchen with the evening sunshine streaming in. Especially when I am listening to something uplifting and inspiring on YouTube in the background.


It really is the simple things that bring me (and probably most of us) the most joy… Eating well is also something that brings me into coherence with my heart and I love to ‘eat a rainbow’ daily. When in overwhelm however, most of us will succumb to all the things that give us quick fixes yet end up depleting our energy further.


This recipe is a great one for getting through those afternoon slumps as its super tasty, yet full of healthy ingredients that will keep you going until supper.

I’d love to hear what brings you into a place of joy, gratitude, awe or love. And if one of those things happens to be relaxing deeply for a guided meditation in candlelight – then you’re in luck tomorrow haha 😉 I’d love to see you. However, next week we might only have the one class as it is half term. Please make sure to check the schedule and book before arriving in case things change.


Sending you all a huge hug. I know it’s been a challenging time recently for some of us, but please remember NOTHING in nature blooms all year round. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to ‘fallow’ and have faith your soil is enriching itself ready for a new bout of growth soon.

Namaste sweet souls xx