Hi loves

As promised here’s the scoop on the upcoming energy forecast with all the latest astrological happenings.

On January 17th we have the first Full Moon of the year which is in Cancer (its home sign). Cancer is the ruler of emotions. It is all about nurturing – the traditional ‘Mother’ of the zodiac, devotedly looking after the home and hearth with a keen interest in emotional and financial security. Cancer wants to build strong and stable foundations. The buzzwords for a Cancer lunation are intuition, emotions, security, vulnerability, nurturing, protective, instigator, creative, psychic… A full moon will always cast its light over the traits of whichever sign it is passing through, so it will be in these areas that you will notice things that need/want your attention.

Your feeling of safety is very important right now…and yet.. we have Pluto in direct opposition to the Full Moon. What does that mean? Pluto represents transformation. It destroys weak foundations, only to rebuild stronger and more resilient than before. Pluto might be small but its mighty – it is also the BS detector of the zodiac – the natural investigator. It is all about the ‘underworld’… all about what is hidden, especially in the realm of all that is in Cancers domain. We are likely to encounter even more secrets exposed over the next few weeks.

This will likely stir up fears and latent insecurities about anything in the realm of Cancer (everything mentioned above), so we are being cautioned to step back and pause, and to wait for signs and synchronicity’s before acting.

This is especially prudent advice right now as we are also just about to hit the first ‘Mercury in retrograde’ (MIR) of the year on 14th Jan. Retrogrades are not to be feared, but just a time when we should be more reflective than active (more yin, rather than yang). As many of you know MIR is a time when plans can go a little awry. Tech has a tendency to get a little messed up (back up all phones and files), as do appointments (double check times).

And, to add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’, we also have Venus (ruler of relationships, beauty, love, money, and values) still in retrograde (since Dec 19th last year), but will be turning direct on 29th Jan, and Uranus, the powerful planet of change and revolution, goes direct in Taurus on January 18..

The top tips to take away for this next phase:

  1. Pay attention to your intuition (right now especially).. take time to really listen to the inner whispers, and look at those signs and synchronicity’s that seem to come out of nowhere
  2. How are your boundaries – protect your energy and say no when you mean no. Also check that you are not overstepping other people’s boundaries too
  3. Take time out for self care; make your feelings a priority. You deserve to give ‘you’ your best too.
  4. Its going to be difficult to disguise our feelings right now… pause before you act/express and try to be heart centred when you do. Act with kindness.
  5. Mercury is in Retrograde now for 4x weeks (ish) so basic housekeeping is called for with tech, travel, appointments and contracts.
  6. Take care of your vibration!!.. pay attention to your thoughts, food, words and deeds

We have some serious planetary energies going on here, however, there is also much to be excited about for 2022. The heavy energy of last year is shifting and many people are doing the necessary ‘inner work’ to raise the collective vibration of the planet. We are at one of the most exciting times in the history of humanity, and our VIBRATION is key to how we traverse through this year. And as we get towards Feb, March and April – Jupiter is going to be bringing a ton of glorious, positive and expansive energy to the mix.

As the consciousness of the planet evolves, it is becoming clearer than ever that we are each having a very unique experience of the world….

Are we choosing love or fear? We all have a choice about how we show up each day. And the choices we make on that small scale (just like the Butterfly Effect) truly can change the word. Your thoughts create your reality… What timeline are you going to choose? 😊💓🙏

Sending heartfelt love and blessings

Sat Nam xx