Here it is… the end of a decade. Wow let’s just breathe that in for a moment 😃🎉🙏

As 2019 fades and 2020 looms in, its the perfect opportunity to reflect upon this last decade… all the highs and dare I say it, lows, that we have made it through.

Even when we thought we couldn’t take another step. We did! We made it through…  Surely that deserves some inner praise don’t you think 😊💞🙏

So I wanted to invite you to have a few sacred moments with yourself. Today if possible, and if not today set a little time aside tomorrow.  The invitation is to reflect upon this last decade and to take note of all that you’ve accomplished, all the challenges you ‘got through’, all the healing you’ve had, all that you’ve forgiven (or not), all that you’ve accepted and allowed to just ‘be’… Everything of note in these last 10 years

Write it all down… read it. Add to it – add even more! Yes look at all that..! Amazing 😊

We don’t reflect on these things enough at the best of times, but here, as the decade flips to the 2020’s (wow), it’s the perfect time to take stock of where you’re at and how far you’ve come.

And if you feel you’ve not come as far as you would like, then gently and with deep compassion for yourself, accept that was how you had to handle things last decade. And this decade, you can choose differently

This is a great time to check in with your values too. Something that most of us struggle to answer, yet understanding our values are vitally important to having a rich and healthy, fulfilled life. 

Are you aware of what yours are? If not then now is as good a time as any to get acquainted. Notice what sparks joy, appreciation and excitement in you…Find a list of values online (this one is pretty good) and check off those that spring out at you… then try to drill it down to your top 7x, those ones you really couldn’t live without – you may just surprise yourself

Becoming aware of your values will shed more light on your dreams and desires too. Sometimes our dreams evoke little twinges of fear -that’s no bad thing.  There’s very little separation between fear and excitement. It might be the ‘excited fear’ that really means ‘holy hell yes!!… we are about to grow’. Remember how you feel before getting on a rollercoaster, feels pretty scary right, but that’s kind of why you’re doing it. Good stress makes us feel ‘alive’, don’t avoid it 😉

That’s why we are here after all – to expand and to grow. The universe wants for us to have all those incredible experiences we have been wishing for.

When we are in true alignment with ourselves, we are completely supported in our endeavours. So it pays to take the time to work out what we really want, and from where that desire springs.  Be open to new possibilities. We may find our real desires are not actually in the ‘form’ we once thought they were…

Try to focus more on the feeling of what you want, than in the ‘how’ it should turn up. How would you ‘feel’ inside, if you got the thing you have been thinking you want?  For example – you may believe you want financial wealth and abundance. Yet it may be that the real underlying drive for that, is for the ‘freedom’ which having financial wealth would likely bring.

Therefore the true desire is not about having money as an end game, but having the freedom you unconsciously connected with wealth… Your value in this example is ‘freedom’

Understanding that it’s freedom not riches that your heart desires might mean you can drop the pressure of hunting down wealth, and instead achieve freedom by learning how to need less… to live off grid, grow your own food, make your own wares to sell.. etc etc..

It’s always worth exploring our dreams to check what the underlying ‘feeling’ that’s driving the desire is. Once you are aware of that, you may find it easier than you think to manifest it 💕

Traditionally the New Year is a time to write out resolutions… things you are planning to give up. But you know what?… I think as soon as you place focus on what you ‘don’t’ want, more of it shows up. I can’t tell you how much my mind starts agonising and obsessing over the thing I tell it it can’t have (like chocolate) ;p.

So how about this year dropping the shaming and rules about what you mustn’t have or do, and this year spend it writing out things you want to bring ‘in’ to your life instead.

Keep it positive, inspiring and uplifting 😊💞🙏

Whatever you choose to do with your last day of the decade, and however you wish to spend your first day of the new one, just make even the tiniest bit of time for you to ‘check in’ with yourself, you precious soul. You’ll be so glad you did 😇  This is after all your life, so what’s still burning in you to experience?

  • Is it love?
  • Adventure?
  • Material wealth?
  • Spiritual acceleration?
  • Connection and community?

Why not make this year truly count. I can promise you that you are way, way more capable than you can even imagine. So go on, take the plunge… let yourself dream, and let yourself have those dreams fulfilled. Claim them. None of us are getting out alive, so make your days count.

Make this the year you decide to really fully ‘live’ 💕🙏💕😍😍

Happy New Year – from my heart to yours xxx