I am a huge believer in the power of our mind… That our thoughts and beliefs really can change our reality.

I first learned this powerful lesson for myself when I was just a child. Back then I suffered with intense leg aches that would leave me reeling in agony for hours. Yet it was this very pain that led me to the most magnificent understanding about the power of my own imagination. The joy of discovering how to transcend this pain was what got me hooked on learning all that I could of the mind-body connection, energy healing, and the innate power of our mind.

Interestingly I was born into THE most perfect family for my development in this sphere.  My parents were hugely interested in alternative healthcare, spirituality, personal development and the mind-body connection, themselves. My rather unconventional childhood, and growing up in a ‘personal development laboratory’ provided me much fodder to play with. There was always a hotchpotch of experimental approaches being taken to pain, trauma or wellbeing, by one or another of my family members.

As a young child, whenever I had a physical pain my mother would gently ask… ‘What do you think the pain is trying to tell you? Have you asked the pain what is it’s purpose?’… (I have sympathy for my clients when I ask them this same question, as I am all too well aware of the initial frustration that can bring ;). But the truth is, that by getting quiet and ‘present’ with yourself, and genuinely wanting to know the answer, you really do get one.

Sometimes it can be a memory of an unhealed event that pops up, sometimes it can be whispered words from deep inside of ourselves. The answer can come in may different ways; sometimes just asking the question is enough to allow the pain to transmute all by itself.

I also know all too well the feeling of NOT wanting to communicate with my pain; of just wanting it to get the hell out of my body. But what we resist persists and having been brought up with that saying etched into my soul, I eventually came up with a 3rd choice… An alternative to both probing questions, and to trying to resist/avoid the pain.

And so all alone in my bedroom, this 3rd way was what my little 7 year old self came up with to help transmute the pain. I didn’t realise at the time, but it was a kind of self hypnosis.

Having been told repeatedly that what you resist persists, I decided I was going to do the polar opposite – I lay on my bed and relaxed all of my muscles. At first the pain intensified because as soon as my body registered that it was allowed to feel the pain, my lord I REALLY felt it.

But as an intrepid young consciousness explorer, I believed in the power of my mind. I somehow knew I had to just get past the burn and decided to use my imagination to help things along.

I pictured the pain as a colour swirling through my lower half of my body, then I created little holes in the bottom of my feet. Doing everything I could to stay totally relaxed and present with the pain, I watched the colour drain out of the soles of my feet… taking all of the pain with it.

I was ecstatic. It truly worked. I could literally feel the pain draining out of me to the exact extent that the colour was draining out. I had found a tool I could use that was 100% reliable whenever I called upon it.

I have subsequently experimented with many other ways my mind and body interact with each other, and will share more in other posts, but I wanted to offer this visual example as it so clearly demonstrates the process, requiring nothing more than imagination and willingness.

It is from my own personal experiments that the work of masters such as Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenzer makes such sense to me. If you can get rid of leg pain in this manner, then why not other disease and disharmonies?

I want to leave you with a couple of wonderful talks that you may find inspiring, and maybe sow some seeds  about how you can change the course of your own health and wellness.

What if healing was actually a whole lot easier than we could ever imagine? What acts of magic would you perform on yourself, if you truly embraced your inner power? Is it time to get curious…?

It is never too late to take charge of your thinking and change the course of your life. Feel free to contact me if you would like some professional guided help.