We are currently just in the shadow of the next powerful Super-moon, which is when the moon is at its fullest at the same time as being closest to the earth.   We earthlings are made up of at least 60% water and as the moon controls the oceans, you can see why it has such an impact on our mind, body and emotions… it’s often a time when people are a little extra sensitive and when police stations and hospitals are at their busiest due to people acting a little extra ‘wired’

Each Full moon contains a unique frequency, and impacts us in different ways.  This one focusses on themes of freedom, truth and justice.  Sagittarius is also known for taking risks and adventure, so if there is something you have been dreaming about doing, then this could be a time to take a leap of faith.  On one hand it is going to be a very dynamic time, and you may well question reality more with each passing day, but at the same time, we are being called to slow things right down… to either introduce more spiritual practices into our lives, or to re-ignite them.  This is a time when meditation, yoga, mystical/spiritual teachings or just going back to listen to the ancient old sage’s are going to be a real comfort.  All as long as they help you to listen to your own deep inner knowing.

There is still much deception about, and it is imperative your practices serve you by helping you to better ‘discern’, truth, from falsity.  Your body will be a guide, so cultivate a relationship with it by clearing your vessel of as many toxins as possible and try to create some healthy habits.  It is also very important at this time to work on your boundaries.  We are currently practicing a wonderful Kriya for ‘Strengthening our Aura’ in the Kundalini Yoga classes I teach.  If you can get yourself along to a class this would be highly beneficial as the auric field is our first line of defence and not only provides us protection, but also when its strong and healthy it helps us to radiate with health and vitality, attracting abundance and blessings towards us like a magnet.

Pay attention to your creativity and imagination, as they are heightened and want to be part of your life at this time..Ideas are flowing, optimism is enhanced, and what you feel and see laying ahead is exciting.  Meditation will really help you to access solutions and joyfully creative ideas, things we almost could never dream up for ourselves, but via meditation we open up to the full cosmos and unlimited potential.

Super moon’s also shift the water of the body (our physical body). We collect ‘codes’ (think of it like living in a computer game) throughout our lives which rely on activations, and 93% of our DNA is awakened through light and sound transmission.  This is why so many people are ‘waking up’ during this intense period of solar flares.  We have all to an extent been sleeping or been in a collective amnesia about who we are, but Super moons act as a catalyst.  They can ‘activate’ us and put us on course.  We are being called to ‘speak your truth, even if your voice shakes’ (I think that was Brene Brown)..and to embrace the warrior/the hero within.  No less than becoming our authentic selves is being asked of us here.  Patterns are breaking off of us and it is a potent time to introduce or re-ignite spiritual practices

How best to align with this Super Moon energy:


  1. Focus on all healthy forms of self discipline, such as meditation, mindfulness, health eating, yoga or an exercise plan of some sort
  2. Practice ‘the pause’ – Try not to react, fix or solve anything from the mind level.  This is a time to ‘trust in the process’, with that process being to allow the universe to work through you.  Our minds (no matter how masterful they are) can never be a match to the full force of the universe’s imagination.  Sometimes we have just got to sit in the ‘not knowing’… to make peace with the chaos, or the confusion, or blankness, and allow an emerging to occur.  
  3. Become the observer – just like the eagle. When you view the world from this higher (more spiritual perspective) you will uncover all manner of gems that will serve your growth and give you the most peace in the meantime. 
  4. Rise like a Phoenix – do not be afraid to let the old burn away.   There is so so much beauty and abundance ahead for us dear souls.  Just let the old go, for you cannot accept the new with a full cup.