We are almost at the peak… the longest day of the year; a day our ancestors paid huge homage with incredible feats of engineering (such as Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, the great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphynx) but just why is this date considered so important?

Hello my loves

On the 21st June, here in the northern hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice; a naturally occurring event with deep roots of spiritual significance. This is a day for sacred revelry – a celebration that so many of our wise and ancient cultures honoured, (the Mayans, Egyptians, Aztecs, Hopi…) such different cultures around the globe, yet they all shared, understood and celebrated the significance of this powerful date.

Maybe it is because it’s believed to be when a Portal of divine positive ‘Source’, or Celestial energy floods half of the planet. This powerful crystalline energy is even considered to upgrade our DNA, as well as mother Earth’s healing energy being at its absolute highest. The Summer Solstice is the most powerful of the four most healing days on the planet – there is the Summer & Winter Solstice, and then the Spring and Fall Equinox’s (making the four).

This is why I felt so ‘called’ to give us an opportunity to be ‘in circle’ together.  Not only to utilise the powerful healing energy of this divine light, but also to bring the healing vibrations of sacred sound.  I have written many times before about the importance of both light and sound on our DNA, and the frequency of this powerful date amplifies the healing vibrations exponentially.  If you are in the UK you can book your place at this event here

Our ancient ancestors even built structures to capture that single moment the sun passed over and poured its light on the exact position it was intended. Stonehenge, the Ancient Pyramids, the Sphynx, the Mayan Temples – so many structures, all around the globe, all created to capture the sun during this most powerful day. There was clearly a very important reason we honoured these dates to have created such long lasting revered structures. Even if we don’t know the full tradition or details of what occurred in these places, we know through intricate mathematics that the alignment is pinpoint perfect, and that’s a feat we have been unable to replicate even with all the science and tech we have at our fingertips today.

Most people these days don’t give a seconds thought to things we once honoured so deeply – which could be why as a species we are so spiritually depleted, disconnected and unhappy.

During the Solstice the Sun is at its highest point in the sky and brings its most intense energy of light and warmth; pure life force.  This light is also considered as ‘Christ consciousness’ energy, and is the symbol of awakening, as well as the ultimate triumph of light over darkness.  This is a time of huge potential for self realisation

Coming back to the astrological representation for a moment – the Summer Solstice also marks the move into Cancer season.  It is the day we come out of the mentally focussed energy of the air sign Gemini, into the heart based, watery, emotion/feeling and intuitive sign of Cancer (my own sun sign).  We now need to slow things down a little..  We have moved out of Spring with its action orientated planting season, into Summer – where we need to develop patience… waiting for things to bloom.  It is time to nurture ourselves and to start the slow turn inwards once again – and learn to trust our instinct and intuition.  It is a time for great abundance – just a walk around nature will show you the delights of abundance in full bloom.

This year we also have something called a Stellium in Aries.. which means there are a number of planets all lining up in the Firey sign of Aries… this energy kind of envelopes the move from air sign Gemini to watery Cancer.  There will be a more passionate feel to the energy… and we are being invited to take more of a leadership role in our lives.  Where is it that you feel you could be taking more responsibility for your life?  The Solstice will support you having more confidence to do that.

How to harness the energy of the Solstice

  1. Take time out in nature. Go bare foot and feel the earth under your feet.  If you can lay on the ground even for a few moments that would be wonderful, but intention is everything, so if nothing else, then just bring a moment of honour to all things of ‘nature’ even if you just sit by the window if you are currently housebound.
  2. This is a time to be really conscious aware of the blessings in your life.  Practice an abundance mindset, and take a look at just how many things you have to be grateful for.  Food on the table, books on the shelf, friends you can call (even if it is just 1x good one), an internet full of things to discover, or just a stream of funny cat videos to get the energy moving in the right direction ;).  Take a few moments to express your gratitude – write a list of things, because like energy attracts like energy.  There more grateful you are, the more you will attract to feel grateful for.
  3. Set intentions for what you would like to bring in for yourself this summer. Write your intentions from a place of already having them, and from a place of feeling.  ‘I am blessed to have deepening friendships with aligned souls’, ‘I am loving my daily rituals of self care’ ‘I am uplifted daily by my moments of stillness, just listening to the sounds of nature’… ‘I am free to choose an activity every day that nurtures and excited my inner child’
  4. Nurture yourself by doing something that aligns with your spiritual self, in community with other like minded souls. Nothing is more powerful than the experience of just being yourself, amongst a tribe of people who also want deeper connection with themselves; to evolve and to grow..

Happy Summer Solstice sweet souls – I hope you make it a magical day, whatever you get up to xx