A rare celestial event is upon us with one of the most talked about planetary alignments in history occurring April 12th 2022 – the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This is being called the ‘grand awakening’.


The meeting of these two big planets in the watery, imaginative, dreamy sign of Pisces is mostly something to celebrate, as the collective consciousness is given the opportunity to expand beyond the confines of conventional thinking. On the positive side, the highest expression of this energy promotes great compassion, unconditional love, creativity, divine inspiration, psychic powers and mysticism to help raise our consciousness. However, the lower expression of this energy can bring about escapism, deception, martyrdom, addiction and victimization, with the desire to not see things how they really are.


The main message to take away is that we are all living a subjective reality right now, and it’s our ‘BELIEFS’ that are determining our experience, in real time – more than ever before. Doing what we can to become empowered during this transit is highly important.


Neptune is a non judgmental planet; it will let us stray off course to do whatever we choose even if that’s not in our best interest, however Neptune’s energy echoes the whisper of our soul…. Are we in alignment with our values and our innate beliefs (as apposed to social, conditioned beliefs)? If not, then we will be getting that ‘nagging feeling’ of something not being quite right during this conjunction, almost relentlessly.


With Jupiter’s energy now lending itself to the mix, we are in the most blessed time to take positive and proactive action towards living our real core, authentic dreams and wishes. Whatever wounds we have been carrying will come up for purging, and you may find old memories surfacing that knock you sideways for a bit. Emotions might be strong and bumpy, so be super gentle with yourselves and get assistance with spiritual and personal development issues if you need it, because this energy is extra conducive to getting closure, resolution and deep healing…once and for all. This is a time to literally dissolve shame and trauma and integrate your shadows.


Jupiter is loud and proud… it expands whatever you give it (being all about excess and abundance), and is considered the ‘lucky’ planet. So set your intentions wisely, and choose carefully about where to focus your attention. Like I said, our lives are taking on a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of experience, almost like there are multiple timelines all taking place, and it would be wise to ensure you are taking time to get conscious about what you want (and don’t want) in your life. Now more than ever before!!.


Although the transit is on 12th April, we will likely feel this energy all the way through to early May. Take steps to record dreams (keep a journal), analyse beliefs, work on healing old wounds, do shadow work, meditate, stay centred and connect with your heart. On the day itself, turn off the TV and get quiet…. Dedicate this day to YOU sweet soul and let the cosmic magic do its work <3


This precise conjunction last took place 166 years ago, when Freud was born. This marked a profound leap in consciousness then, and it is about to take another huge leap this year too. Jupiter is named after the roman God of the Sky (Zeus in Greek Mythology), and Neptune is named after the God of the Sea (Poseidon in Greek Mythology). These planets will amplify matters relating to beliefs, perception and spirituality.


Jupiter expands and Neptune dissolves. In matters of the mundane, this double watery Pisces Neptune occurrence could mean floods afoot, it could mean something more esoteric in the ‘flood’ of information coming forth, or diving more deeply into the depth of spirituality. The expansive Jupiter energy can be linked with ‘inflation’, which we have all been wary of, but the key is, to choose start seeing beyond the mundane. We each have more power than we can ever know, and our energy and visioning can incredible reap rewards, or drown us in despair. It is up to us where we place our focus and energy. We really do get to pick our story and experience <3


Make April a time of curiosity and experimentation. Listen deeply to your soul’s calling, and build a network of like-minded souls based on a shared ethos. Collaboration and community is an important place to put your attention, but also be discerning about who and what you let enter your space and field of consciousness, as Neptune energy will also bring chancers and deceivers. This is a time to be very clear with your boundaries, and with double-checking facts.


Sobriety will be your friend whilst navigating this particular terrain. It will help to keep a clear head so you can better listen to the vibrations around you, the wisdoms of your instincts, and the whispers of your soul.

Enjoy this incredible time in history – make it count <3 x