Hi my loves

If you are feeling a bit caught up in the thick soupy energy out there – know you are not alone. Not only do we have the rather ‘heavy blanket’ of the UK voting scene to navigate around (or away from for some of us), we also have some rather intense planetary energy. Coincidence..? maybe not.

Saturn the planet of Karma, and now Neptune the planet of illusions have both gone retrograde in the last few days. This means that energetically it is a time to review, release, re-evaluate, reveal… (all the ‘re’ words, is what a retrograde demands).

And all this right as the Sirius Portal opened on 3rd July (my Birthday whoop whoop). Sirius holds the frequencies of highly evolved ancient wisdom, so in this window between 3rd -7th July we’ve an opportunity to receive powerful downloads and activations. 

This means we are at another of ‘the great awakening’ times, where we must see and feel that which we may have been trying to ignore or suppress. That might mean facing up to some suppressed anger or grief, maybe even towards a part of ourselves.

There could be a bit of a battle between our human aspect of ourselves – towards our soul aspect. We may feel upset or frustrated at the path our soul had us walk this lifetime, thinking it was just ‘too hard..’

It will serve us well to acknowledge this inner battle, and get help if we need it. It’s an unwinding process to shift how we view our lives. Ultimately we are being given a choice – hold onto the old stories or let them go and come into a higher frequency which does not include victimhood. 

The energy to support this work will be at its optimum levels leading up to the 7/7 gateway..

Purging and purification is for our highest interest,.  Have no fear. Think of it like this – if we swallowed poison, we’d need to get it out of our system in order to become healthy once again. Have faith this is all in divine timing, and you are safe.

Many of us may be finding things a little uncomfortable..… We are being asked to let go of what we know we don’t want.. without any real idea of what ‘we do want’, to come in its place..

We are entering the void… but it’s finally time to make peace with it, instead of trying to avoid the void… .

Resist the temptation to fill the space or emptiness with something to numb out the discomfort of feeling empty. For we MUST create space to allow something new to grow.. we must let a field fallow to be healthy enough to grow something abundant and fruitful.

I am sending you all an abundance of love-light as we enter this new realm… its OK to not know what’s coming.. its ok to not know what you even want right now.

We are entering unknown territory at a rate of knots.. and the best thing to do is to slow ourselves down, don’t let anyone rush you.. just make sure we hydrate, ground, and practice a whole ton of self care.

Meditate, journal, salt baths, juice, take soundbaths, de-clutter, do yoga, massage, sauna, breathwork, energy healing, time out in nature.. prioritise these things as much as possible.

I am so looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it on Sunday. It feels so exciting to get back in circle with you once again.

Also I love the fact that we’ll have Kali (the Universal Mother Gong) who will help transform and transmute all that heavy sticky karmic energy; the Neptune Gong – helping us cut through the illusions and come into unconditional love, and also now Ganesha Gong, who removes obstacles and helps us line up with protection, wealth and wisdom.

It’s going to be a wonderful summer evening – fresh ginger or mint teas, treats and the oracle cards at the end as always.

With love – Penny xx