Hi my loves

So, we are right in the thick of the Full Moon, which if you are sensitive, you may have already been feeling the effects in the last couple of days. Lord knows I have been feeling it for myself (and the collective – arrhggg 🙀😬😂) and there’s still a few more days of intensity to go – hold onto your hats lol.

That said, I want to put a bit of a ‘reframe’ on this impulsive and somewhat aggressive energy, because after-all, feeling frustration, irritation and agitation isn’t just some kind of emotional spiders-web we’ve walked splat into… it’s mostly (unless you are an empath transmuting other peoples disconnected emotions), triggering unhealed parts of ourselves that have felt ignored, unseen, unheard or pushed away.

As a society, there is a tendency for us to shun anger and frustration… we don’t want to be seen as ‘bad, aggressive, or ‘emotionally messy’, so we avoid these feelings. Yet there is so much juice for healing and expansion in there if we only give ourselves the chance to ‘be’ with these emotions, and let them show us what might be going on in our inner world. Sometimes it’s the very agitation in our waters that allows stale or stagnant things to come up to the surface to be reassessed, re-evaluated and released if necessary.

This Mars retrograde being conjunct with the full moon is a powerful opportunity for deep inner reflection – it is a time where we are being most supported to be truthful to ourselves. We are being given a huge chance to see the parts we have ignored; the sadness, the resentment…all the parts where we have not been valuing our REAL true values.

Why is this a good thing to face? Because to be in darkness about our real emotions does not help up live our most joyful authentic life… just because we are not facing something does not mean it is not in the background hijacking our choices, decisions and behaviours. It is doing exactly that – whether we are aware of it or not, so may as well learn to deal with the discomfort of seeing what is in the shadows, or deal with the discomfort of the choices made from trying to avoid it. And full moons are always a time for illumination.

If we are wearing any kind of mask we are doing a massive disservice to ourselves AND the world at large

Just imagine a world where everyone was living their truth.. their real truth. There would not be greed because we’d realise there was no scarcity. There would not be overspending because we would all feel ‘enough’, we’d not be feeling manipulated to ‘be, do or have’ anything as a status symbol. We would not have so much waste because we’d make sure we built only the best, and we’d pass on what we no longer needed. We would feel free to ask for what we need, and feel safe to show our vulnerabilities..

At our core I really do believe the majority of humans are good, honest and extremely kind when they are not feeling backed into a corner. It is our nature to want to help each other – just look at how we come together in a crisis <3

So with this full moon in the playful, intelligent, curious air sign of Gemini, we are being asked to pay attention to parts of ourselves that feel ignored, aggrieved or steam-rollered into doing things. This is time epecially to listen to our inner child, where these patterns of neglect first started. It doesn’t matter how ‘petty’ these unheard or unmet needs feel, they ARE important, and are the key to resolving so much background ‘fug’ which hijack us, if we give a little space to hear them.

Thankfully I have prepared a magical mini retreat for us on Sunday to help us integrate some of what has been stirred up during this transit. I have been guided to bring you a selection of really beautiful healing practices that are going to be a real soothing tonic, especially for those of us who may have experienced a childhood that was not quite as nurturing as we’d have liked or needed.

I will be giving a powerful guided meditation that will bring you home to yourself <3, there will be breath-work practices to release stale and stagnant air ready for fresh new oxygen and life to come in, practices to expand our loving heart, a blissful cacao blessing to bring in new our intentions, a deeply healing soundbath of course, and as always, time to reflect and connect with some journal prompts that you can finish off at home too.

There is nothing I enjoy more than to see and feel you blossoming to the wondrous beings you are. I can hold space for you in all your emotional places, and it is my honour and delight to weave together programs that support your growth, healing and soulful nourishment. Whether you come to these events for that purpose, or just to be around like hearted others for that feeling of community, I have got you covered and I can’t wait to see you soon.

If you can’t make this event, make sure to take time out for yourself over the next few days. It can be as simple as asking yourself what wants to be heard right now. Where can I feel an irritation or a frustration?… what is it trying to show me? And just let yourself free-write about it. You don’t even have to ‘do’ anything about it… just honour yourself by at least listening to how you feel as that will be a tonic in itself.

I will also be giving a ‘Xmas Soother & Winter Solstice’ mini retreat on Tuesday 20th, which will be another heart warming chance to get in circle, and I’ll bring along (to both events) some gift vouchers as well as Cacao pouches and Caapi in case you’d like to purchase any last minute unique and thoughtful gifts

Much love to you sweet souls – go gently over this crazy moon and month <3 xx

P.S. If you are an Empath, then it is very good practice to always ask ‘is this mine’ when you are feeling heavy, dark or tricky emotions, because we do have a tendency to pick stuff up from the ether and transmute for others who are not doing their inner work. If you get a feeling that any part of it is not yours then just ask for the energy to be taken into mother earth to be redistributed to energy for abundance and growth 😉