Hi everyone 

Well…we are almost through ‘Mad March’ – and what an intense ride it’s been so far😱🙏😉. This final week of March energetically is going to notch up another level still.. It is important that we keep our vibrations high, because we really do have an opportunity to direct our own individual timelines.  Despite the appearance of living in the same world, no two people will experience the same thing in the same way… so remember you always have choice how to respond and where to place your attention <3 

So we’ve made it through 2x huge planetary transits that herald notably big changes, consistent throughout history.  The first being Saturn moving to Pisces which I have already written about.  The second being Pluto (the planet of death, rebirth and transformation) moving from Capricorn where it holds the ‘top down’ power loving energy, (like a government) with the love of discipline, structure & authority, into the Aquarius energy of freedom, revolution, and community on the 23rd. 

The latter move of Pluto is such a big event that it literally marks a brand new generational attitudinal theme.. (like we’ve had for the shift of Gen x to the Millennials, and then to Gen z)

You may have also noticed that we have been getting pummelled (the last few days especially) by Geo storms and Solar flares – which have been racking up to KP8 level and Geo storm level 4 (it only goes to level 9 & 5 respectively😉). All of this space and solar activity has an electromagnetic output, and as we are electromagnetic beings, it can effect our emotions, our sleep, give us physical symptoms like aches in joints and muscles, and can make us extra tired, nauseous and dizzy.  On the positive side, it can also help raise our levels of consciousness – so it’s not all bad 😉

So, we are now heading fast towards April and I’d like to say things are going to calm down a bit, however, having now moved through the fabulous Spring Equinox portal, we are starting a brand new Astrological year, with the 1st sign Aries, assertive, hot-headed, pioneering, dynamic – ruled by the warring planet Mars. The crazy extra juicy punch is that we had no less than 6x planets ALL in Aries at the time of the Spring Equinox… That is a LOT of fire and initiating energy to get us moving towards the ‘New Earth’ we dream of <3  

This means that we get to have the benefit of all the passionate, go-getting, fast moving ram energy, which will help us attain any goals or endeavours, but we must be careful not to succumb to the quick tempered warring energy that can go with it.  Aries is a high achieving energy, as well as being very good at being in the present moment.  It is a joyful energy – connected with the sun, and the Solar Plexus Chakra.  

April is also start the Eclipse season (the first one being on 20th April), and people with sensitivities may already be starting to feel that powerful energy coming in now.  It can feel intense and like you are being rocked about, maybe even anxious for no specific reason. Oh and Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st ;p 

Therefore, to help start the month off in the most supportive way, I am looking forward to welcoming you along for a gorgeously nourishing ‘full moon’ soundbath with guided meditation, refreshments and cards NEXT Sunday 2nd April.  There are just a few spots left if you’d like to come along, so book on soon. 

The energy of the Full Moon in Libra is about relationships (relationship with self, others, food, money, health etc).  Being the sign of the scales it is about fining balance, and is also linked to truth and justice and fairness.  Libra is the big peace keeper, which is very useful to temper all the hot assertive Aries energy.  This moon is asking us to look at all aspects to do with our relationships and to release patterns in this area that are not serving us.  With the placement of the other planets at this juncture it also signalling a lot of emphasis on health and healing.

So to round the month off in the most beautiful way – there will be a magical ‘Beltane celebration’ mini retreat, which will not only have the guided meditation, reflective journalling, soundbath & cacao blessing – but will also feature some powerful breathwork, and our famously uplifting fire jumping ceremony.  This will be at St Michaels on 30th April and I can’t wait to welcome you along.

As you know, I lovingly design each mini retreat to ‘layer’ the experiences provided. Each part acting like a key to assist the next – so that you get maximum benefit of each. What I love about this offering is that the mini retreats provide the opportunity for huge transformations if you want to approach them at that level, or you can just come along to soak up the nourishing vibrations and allow the healing to occur through osmosis.. gently, with ease and grace 🙂

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend, and I look forward to seeing you soon

Sat Nam xx