Wow what a ride it has been this year – are you feeling the energy?  Eclipses are timeline alignments.  We are being called to come home to who we really are – to gather up the scattered pieces, to recognise our unique gifts and abilities, to release stuck traumas and grow our light bodies.

The 2x week period between a Lunar and Solar eclipse can make one feel a little on edge.   It is often a time for heightened emotions, typically a time for endings and beginnings, a lot of intuitive insights, and psychic awarenesses.

On the positive side of things, Sagittarius energy (fire) is lighter and more direct than the Scorpio energy we were in during last month’s Lunar Eclipse.  The Archer (Sagittarius’ symbol) tends to be forward thinking; aiming his arrow towards future planned goals – which at this stage of the planetary alignments are about communication, education and ideals. However, this is a time for wrapping things up before we can fully move on to the new lessons ahead. Think back to things that were started back in June 2020, those are the themes that will be coming to a close

This is the last Eclipse in Sagittarius until 2029, and will accelerate a process of purging of our past patterns and energies, inviting us to release what no longer serves us.

There have been so many changes we have navigated through this past year, and this Eclipse is connected to Karmic ideals… It is all about ‘Karma and Dharma’. Our values, ideals and belief systems are going to be challenged even further, as everything we thought we knew and value, is under fire. It will be a little uncomfortable, but also exciting as we liberate ourselves from so much that was not ours.

Like with most changes of this size, allow a grieving period. We need to be compassionate with ourselves, and each other. No matter how much better off we can be with a certain change, when the familiar goes it takes a little getting used to. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate these new pathways.

Just after the eclipse, Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn for 40x days and nights, which is an unusually long time. Venus is a personal planet – it is all about everything we hold dear: all our personal values, as well as love and money. So during this retrograde we will be introspective about anything in this area. It will all be likely to be under scrutiny to be evaluated. This is a positive thing though – we are being asked to really consider and elevate our self worth. This is a time to take stock of all our achievements; and even if we have been unable to make the kind of strides we would have liked, just notice how much personal growth we have made. We have navigated challenges unlike anything the world has ever seen before; unlike anything we could have ever dreamed we’d need to. Lastly Xmas eve sees the third and final Saturn and Uranus square. Squares create tension. This is the finale… the final set to between these major planets.

Saturn – ruler of boundaries, rules and restrictions… the stable, dutiful, conservative Planet.

Uranus – the planet of freedom, liberation, revolution… its electric and shocking.

Venus – all about personal values and the earth. Recollection of the divinity.

All of these three coming together for a head to head is a recipe for a little volatility. This is a time to be careful with words… hunker down and lay low for a while. There may be a need to do some risk analysis of cost versus benefit. Is this now a time to stand firm on your beliefs and boundaries, do you play it safe a while longer…? Only you can decide, but decide you must.

We are being advised not to take big risks. Not to invest large amounts to money or resources when Venus is retrograde because our values are likely to change – later we may not value those same things anymore. This also means not making rash decisions with our bodies… It is not the time to do major irrevocable things like getting tattoo’s or cutting off our hair etc, because we are in a ‘transformational’ stage…

We are like the caterpillar going into the pupa. Until we come out the other side we won’t fully know what we will emerge as. So be conservative for now, let yourself settle as you are for a few months. Sagittarius season presents an opportunity to embody more authenticity and integrity.  It encourages us to work on bringing about a better alignment between our inner and outer realities.

Take time out alone or with other like minded souls to work with this energy on the 4th, you do not want to miss this portal.  And be kind to yourself, take stock of all the things you have achieved; value all the growth you have had, the way you had handled all the changes, obstacles and challenges

Focus your time and attention on what you DO WANT, and not what you don’t want… Like Sagittarius.. point your arrow and aim it in that direction.  And on this new moon, take time out to really ‘feel’ what it is going to be like in that new life you desire. Don’t get bogged down on the ‘how’ it might happen, the Universe has an infinite number of ways it can deliver to us. Just focus your attention on how it will feel to be living a life with all your new values and ideals. With all the people, all the experiences you’d really love – as if it is really happening.

And so it is <3