New Moon; New Month, New Astrological Year.  Aries kicks things off this new astro year, and we start April with a bang.  Pioneering & initiating energy, Aries is the ‘warrior’, a fire sign, dynamic and fast – connected to the Solar Plexus which is about our sense of self.  New Moons are a time for new beginnings, yet this one is more powerful than ever, as it is in conjunction with Chiron (the wounded healer).  Feelings of shame and guilt are running rampant through our collective consciousness, and any wounds connected to these emotions are ready to come up for healing and transmuting.

With Chiron on the scene, there has never been a more soulful opportunity to get really ‘real’ with ourselves; a time to get radically honest.  Chiron wants us to be more mindful, to honour who we are, warts and all, and non-judgementally see our so called failings as strengths, rather than weaknesses.  We are being asked to be open minded and non reactive.  An Aries new moon would normally be a time to push ahead with ego, but Chiron has softened our edges.  We are heading into this period with a little more maturity – we are ready for this period ahead as knowingly or not, we have been preparing for this very event… maybe for forever.

This is a reboot point – time to reinvent our lives.. time to feel into anything that feels a little stagnant, and to acknowledge what needs fresh new life breathed into it.

Old ways can be comfortable, even if they are dull and we know are not good for us. It can feel scary to go towards the new ‘thing’… even when we know it is the better choice.  But this period throughout April presents us a huge opportunity to heal old trauma’s, (even ancestral traumas – things that have been passed down through generations).  The placement of Chiron (a powerful aspect of self) is presenting us the perfect opportunity to finally heal those things we have been ‘holding onto’ for forever.  Those things that we thought could simply NEVER be healed.  The planets are lining up this month to indeed support that healing, and all we are being asked to do is to surrender to it.

It is in the surrender that we alchemise the pattern, the trauma, the anxiety… Avoiding it has never worked in the long term.  Now is the time to bring deep compassion to ourselves…. don’t run, don’t turn away.  Finally commit to being there for yourself –  you will be rewarded tenfold.

We are in an enormous time of transition and transformation.  Even the weather today has been intense here in the UK. Almost like there were 2x parallel timelines running…  We bounced back and forth between hail/sleet/snow, and then brilliant warm sunshine.  Back and forth, back and forth – between these polar opposite weather formations about 30x times – it was crazy!!

It felt significant, somewhat prophetic, to be welcoming in this new energy during what felt like a bifurcation timeline today.  Especially as we are having such powerful Solar flares and CME’s (corona mass ejections) right now.  As electromagnetic beings, some of us feel really rocked around by the recent (and coming) solar activity. In a physical sense, solar flares and CME’s can literally take out satellites, disrupt technology and radio comms, but they can also cause physical and emotional symptoms for us too. Typically they can make us feel more anxious, sad and reactive, and they can also disrupt digestive systems, cause huge tension headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and more.

If you have been feeling anxious for no reason, this could well be why.

It is important therefore to do more grounding exercise and really pay attention to self care. Drink LOTS of water, meditate, stretch, journal, sleep, walk out in nature, let yourself cry (even if no reason) – and just be super compassionate with yourself. Remember to just breeeeeeeeaaaathe <3x

We are also heading towards the incredible Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th (this is a biggie), so I will post again about that separately soon.

With all planets now direct and in support of our journey ahead, there is no better time to make some serious progress with our intentions, and what begins here is what will continue through the whole astrological year. 

So maybe today find a bit of quiet time and do a little reflecting and journalling.

What would it feel like to be truly free to be yourself? If you had no shame, or guilt.. If you could spend your day in a way that brought you joy, more rest, more play, more creativity…., what would you do?

Get creative and expansive – how do you want to feel.  Focus on the small things that bring you joy and peace, and then let it grow from there.

Wishing you a truly wonderful New Moon.

Namaste xx