Hi my loves

As you know I try to arrange my events as close to the natural rhythms and cycles of the moon, of our own planet, and of other big planetary alignments as possible.  Luckily my next one is THIS coming Tuesday, which is good as it will help us prepare for some petty major planetary changes ahead.

On Monday July 17th we have the ‘New Moon’ in the nurturing and motherly sign of Cancer (it’s rulership sign).  New Moon’s are the best time for rejuvenation and manifestations, so this will be a perfect time to set intentions, and to look at anything to do with home and family connections.  Are they currently how you’d like them to be, if not then you may wish to set new intentions around that.  In this watery sign, its all about creating warm and safe spaces for this to grow, inviting us to tend to our inner emotional world.

We also have the ‘Nodes of Fate’ moving from Taurus and Scorpio (where its been for the last 18months), into Aries and Libra on Monday 17th July, shifting our growth trajectory into territory we haven’t visited since 2004 to 2006 (or 1987 before that)…

Why is this such a big deal?

Well, it means that we will be revisiting similar themes that were in our life during those years.  This might feel a bit challenging at times, but really it’s a good thing as it’s just trying to help us clean up any old karmic ‘fug’ that might still be circling us as stagnant energy.  Remember the Universe has our back, therefore when we get things coming round ‘yet again’, it is because there is still some healing to be done;  it’s another opportunity to let something go.

The North node (which represents how we are growing, and what we need to learn and master, is moving from Taurus into Aries.  This north node shift (into Aries) highlights independence, self-leadership, initiations, and moving into new chapters; while the South Node (into Libra) reveals what is out of balance, unhealthy, no longer satisfying, and expiring.

To make it simple: The Aries-Libra nodal shift emphasises spiritual growth with these key aspects:

  • Embracing Individuality: Aries encourages independence and self-expression. The North Node in Aries urges more confidence, courage, and a proactive pursuit of passions.
  • Initiating Fresh Starts: Aries represents new beginnings. The North Node’s entry signals initiation and a pioneering spirit, urging us to leave comfort zones and pursue aligned desires.
  • Overcoming Fear: Aries is bold and fearless. This shift prompts confronting fears and doubts, embracing challenges, and unlocking untapped potential.
  • Self-Discovery and Authenticity: Aries promotes authenticity. The North Node urges exploring true selves, living by personal values, and celebrating unique gifts.
  • Balancing Independence and Relationships: While emphasising individuality, Libra’s South Node reminds us to balance independence and relationships. Co-dependant relationships MUST transition to healthy ‘interdependent partnerships’, built on authentic communication and respect.  People pleasing can no longer be tolerated as we move into a deeper authentic space  

In summary, the Aries-Libra nodal shift signifies self-assertion, new beginnings, and embracing individuality. It is also asking us to be courageous, authentic, and to create more balanced connections & partnerships that support our personal growth.

If that was not enough to be getting on with, there’s an extra bit of juiciness to add to the mix, as Neptune has already gone Retrograde (until Dec 6th) and Venus goes retrograde in Leo on 22nd July…

What Neptune in Retrograde means to us….

Neptune is the most spiritual of planets; it echoes the whispers of our souls.. At its highest vibration, Neptune helps us to embody unconditional love.  It is non judgemental and divinely connected to source, yet because it is so non judgemental and unconditionally loving, it will allow us to stray off course into whatever realms our ‘beliefs’ will have us walk in.  If we have learned nothing else these last few years from all the mainstream news propaganda, then it is that a ‘belief’ does not equate to a ‘fact’.   Neptune would love nothing more than to help us guide our experience here on Earth in the direction of ‘Peace and Love’, but due to its impartibility, if our beliefs are focussed negatively on money, power, sex, manipulation, drama, health crisis, victimhood, then Neptune will take those beliefs as the ‘template’ to construct ‘our reality’.  At its lowest vibration, it is related to escapism, deception, numbing and addictive behaviour, martyrdom and victimisation.  The highest octave corresponds to unconditional love, the mystics, divine inspiration, dreams, art & creativity.

During a Neptune retrograde, the veil of illusions, whether self-made, or media made, (Neptune rules the media and illusions) will drop.. and we will start to better see the spell we have been under.  At this time our dreams will be very interesting and well worth jotting down for insights that might even only make sense days after.  Neptune retrograde can help us find deeper meaning, not only in our dreams, but also in our entire existence.

Why is Venus going Retrograde in Leo a big deal?

Venus rules relationships, values and finances.  When Venus goes retrograde (which is from July 22nd to Sept 3rd), it is likely to cause a little tension in our relationships.  We may even be questioning our suitability, and there may be more stubbornness and resistance around than usual.  Try to step back with a cool head and assess whats working and what needs tweaking.  As already mentioned, with the new nodal axis changes we can no longer sweep things under the carpet.  We need to face up to what is not working, to break co-dependent cycles in relationships, and have the courage to be authentic with ourselves and those around us.  When we are true to our values we will attract others with similar values and if we have to let people go, then we can do so with love, knowing they will be free to find their authentic tribe too!.  Venus also rules beauty and aesthetics, so during a retrograde it is not the ideal time to try out anything new with your image, like new hairstyles or wardrobes or beauty procedures. Or indeed new looks in your home with decorations and so forth.

In summary, Venus retrograde cycles are good times for creating budgets and financial plans, and for re-thinking our personal relationships. Taking final action in the areas of love, finance and beauty is not advised until Venus turns direct again.

So with all of that coming up – you may wish to grab yourself the last few remaining spaces for Tuesday’s Soundbath Mini Retreat, where you can top yourself up with soothing sound, and soulful connections in a space of tranquility.  And if you can’t get to this one, make sure to take a little time out for yourself on Monday/Tuesday.  Maybe take a lovely salt bath, do a spot of journalling, get your feet on the earth as you capture the last of the evening sunshine and think about what is most important to you from these themes above.

I rather like this quote that I think sums up whats ahead:

‘Be like a Tree, stay grounded, connect with your roots, turn over a new leaf, bend before you break, enjoy your unique natural beauty, keep growing’ <3 (Joanne Raptis)

Sending you an abundance of love and light.