Struggling to think of what to ask when setting intentions during your micro-dosing meditation (or any time of intention setting really) is really common. So I wanted to share some thoughts that I hope might inspire you to find your voice.

To begin with, it might help to ‘tune in’ to how you feel in the present moment, and then, given what comes up – use that particular feeling to help inspire you to know what to ask for instead. It could be you would like help with accepting this feeling, learning or integrating from it, or it could be you want to ask to move towards a better feeling instead. Below is a key to help you work out what intention you might like to ask for, bearing in mind your current feeling state.

To start with hold your bottle in your hand while you set the intention, then you might like to open the request by humbly addressing the plant as we do in Ceremony by saying: ‘Dear Spirit Ayahuasca or Madre’…. and then create your own intention from the states above, or you might resonate with some of the below options:

  • Please help me to make decisions that are for my highest good, that are gentle and easy on my system
  • Please help me to trust my own inner wisdom
  • Please help me to honour my boundaries and say ‘no’ with grace and ease
  • Please show me how to love and help me to find gratitude in every day things
  • Please help me to honour my own truth and wishes, whilst still staying open and compassionate to others
  • Please heal what needs healing, teach me what I need to learn, show me what I need to see
  • Please support me in asking for help and speaking my truth
  • Please help me to invite lightness and play into my life
  • Please show me how to forgive and have compassion for myself and others
  • Please help me to raise my vibration and open my third eye
  • Please show me how to love myself and to stay in integrity with my most sacred values

Vibrational Frequencies of Emotions

All emotions have a vibrational frequency associated with them. Emotions like fear, anger and guilt are not bad; they are just more vibrationally dense than love, joy and gratitude. When working with the lower vibrational emotions, it is far easier to take a breadcrumb step up the vibrational scale, than reaching too high, too soon. So for example if you are feeling shame then reaching for anger would be more healing and accessible than trying to reach for acceptance. Anger is actually a very healthy, yet misunderstood emotion as it acts as a driver to pull you (or others) out of harmful situations. It is only when anger is repressed that it can turn into a destructive force (rage or passive aggression).


You may also find that you need to temporarily go down the vibrational scale to clear a deeper trauma at the root. For example, anger can be a ‘cover emotion’, which when you allow yourself to fully feel it, you instead touch upon hidden sadness/grief in your system. It is not uncommon on the micro-dosing journey to suddenly find a flowing of tears and sadness pop up when you thought you were working through anger. This is normal, and something to embrace as you transition. It is a passing phase, and allowance and acceptance of where you are will help you move through it faster. Remembering the phase ‘what is coming is leaving’ is helpful during any difficult transition times. You are not your thought or your feelings, they are something that is inside of you, and just need to be free to pass our of you.  Think of it as taking emotional bathroom visits 😉   soften yourself to the experience, as resistance only keeps it in place. It is on its way out, so just let it be, and let it go <

The below schematic shows the vibrational scale of all emotions, which should help you work it through.

It is always easier to heal and make changes when we are supported, nourished and witnessed by those who bring safety and clarity to your experience, and who can ‘hold space’ for you on your journey.   Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate and deepen your healing.   To learn more about being supported by a professional and empathic coach and to book a free 30 min consultation, please visit www.pennyp5.sg-host.com/