Solution-Focused Life

If you are getting stuck in life, and feel you need something to happen in order to move on, you might find it interesting to read this post.And even if you feel your life is great, then read this post anyway, as it might enable you to help others better!

We all find obstacles and obstructions when moving towards what we want (or most of the time, what we think we want). However, we can only act on life as we see it, and follow our dreams as we perceive them.

When you find yourself stuck it simply means you got into the “wrong alley”, you can always get back and keep on going, find other ways of doing what you need to do in order to get closer to your dream.The idea that there are no failures, but only feedback, has helped a lot of people. Defining it as feedback helps you to overcome the psychological lethargy that comes as a result of not seeing the results you wished.

This happens to all of us at different times of our lives. In the moments of transition this is especially true! but focusing on problems doesn’t create solution, while stretching gently the mind in a way that will open new doors will put you in tune with new solutions.

When that is needed, here is a list that you might refer to in order to gain a positive mind-set that will focus you on solutions instead of problems.

REDEFINE YOUR GOALFirst of all you need to go back to your goal and redefine it. Your goal has probably changed in little details and nuances as you move on. In fact our own intuition always shows us what our next step is about, but as soon as that step is taken new necessities comes into play. It is important to redefine your goal often, until you find the joy and enthusiasm you had at the beginning.Make it clear, and have to courage to state it out loud, and see how you are feeling. Sometimes we are uncomfortable with what we want to achieve, and if you find uneasy to state your goal out load in a clear way, if you find some resistance in your mind, you must learn to accept your goal, love it, and know that it is your right to achieve it (if that doesn’t hurt anyone, including you).

DECIDE YOUR CHANGEThen check back into your reality. What is it that you would like to change? You can ask yourself questions like, what put me in the direction that led me here (where you didn0t want to go)? Have a look at where you are at and what changes would be necessary to get where you want to go.If you realize that there is too much to do, you might just want to do the next thing, and let the rest be done as you go along. Even then, you will find it necessary to redefine again the goal once more and see what needs to be done. The mind is an amplifier, it thinks there is too much to do, it thinks problems are huge, but that happens only because you find yourself in the middle of it. As you realize that things only appear to be in such a way, but it is not necessarily as they are, then you know that the next step is what is required, and what it will be required in the future too.Also consider that, most probably, as you start taking action towards your new change your condition will be different than what it is now, therefore your need to re-evaluate.Deciding your change is important. You are bringing your goal, and life, back into a greater balance. You are moving a little closer to your dream.

YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEMYou are not the problem, but you have the problem.The problem is not your identity, the problem is something you came across.

ASK YOUR MEMORY FOR HELPBring yourself back in time, and remember how wonderfully you have coped in the past. Those same resources are within you now, and you will find ways of applying them to the task at hand.

CLARIFYIt would be good to bring clarity on the main issues you might have, so you can first balance them and then move freely towards your dream.Fixing issues sometimes includes other people. If that’s the case, remember that you can only fix the issues upon which you have control. Some aspects of your issues might under the control of someone else, and in that case there’s not much you can do. Move in the realm that you can control.Again, as I have always stated, we are not alone, we have a great power within us, and the help of something much greater than we can imagine. Ask constistently for the help of the Universe and you will find it aazing to see how things starts gently falling into place.

STRENGTHSMake a list of your strengths, and use those to move further. Take some time to perceive them and do it until you feel you can use them.

RESOURCESLook around you and ask yourself: what resources do I have right now to get closer to my dream? Use them (again if that involves other people, remember that certain things aren’t in your control). Most of the time we have lots of “equipment” we can use, and we think we need more as an excuse for not wanting, or lacking the courage, to face our issues. Get over it, move on.Remember to use your inner resources too, your strengths.

In ConclusionIn other words, instead of dwelling on the problem, look for solution, get into that mindset, reassess your strengths and redefine your goal. There is always a better way of doing somehting and know that you may need to try different solutions before getting to the right one.Use all the inner and outer resources available to move on to the next step. Remember to use Unversal compassion as another important resource.Finally know that you can do it. You have coped with your life brilliantly until now, and most of the problems you had 1 year ago have now completely disappeared.

Joy to you allVincent Sandee

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