Hi loves

It’s practically here – can you smell it? ‘SPRING’ Ahhh. Fresh new beginnings… manifestations, more daylight, rebirth, all that potentiality.. and then there’s the shedding of the old, the final release of Winter, and a potent and magical time to set intentions for the year ahead. And the Spring Equinox next weekend start’s the ball rolling – with this one also being in the shadow of the Full Moon in Virgo.

It’s a sacred time to honour our personal journey towards new beginnings, and to commune with our spirit. With the balance of the dark to the light, we are reminded that our own shadow’s and illumination’s are equally important for our growth and expansion. It’s like we are merging with the force of mother Earth’s natural rhythms when we celebrate these cyclical times. Now is the time to tend to our own inner soil; to get clear about what we want to manifest and to sow those seeds.

Equinox’s are honoured all around the globe and hold a very different type of energy that those ‘hallmark card’ type celebrations. These our what our ancestors honoured throughout millennia for good reason – and they help us align with the Earths natural cycles and rhythms..

In India, for example, Spring Equinox is celebrated during a festival called ‘Holi’, which signifies the triumph of Good over Evil. It is a magical celebration that starts with dancing round the Bonfire the evening before, and the next day everyone joyfully throws colourful powdered paint at each other =)

In Japan, the Buddha is said to appear on Spring Equinox to help guide lost souls to the afterlife. To honour and help in this process, Japanese families visit the graves of ancestors and loved ones. In Persia it falls directly on their New Year called Norooz and is a joyful time with celebrations and rituals centred around new beginnings, prosperity, and leaving behind the past. And in the UK we have the Pagan’s, Wiccan’s and Druids celebrating, often at Stonehenge.

People coming together at this special and powerful time to collectively bring in visions of peace, prosperity, abundance and love is literally embedded in our DNA. Which is why every year I like to bring you a beautifully nurturing and magical environment to spend some all important time just for ‘you’. Space to feel into what wants to be released, and what wants to be created both in your life AND for the planet as a whole. Now more than ever (with the constant fear narrative on the media), counteracting the visions of doom with visions of a joyful new Earth emerging – one based in the frequency of love, kindness and compassion, is something that is truly needed.

The good news is that you do not need to be visual to do it, and you do not need to have a ‘plan’, or to know what you want already…. The first step is taking time to identify what feelings you would like to have when life is going your way <3

So take the pressure off yourself about needing to ‘know’ what you want. The most important thing to focus on is how do you want to ‘feel’ in your life. If you keep asking yourself questions that direct you to feelings, then what you want will just emerge naturally. For example, how do you want to wake up feeling about your day’s ‘work’.. excited and passionate, or maybe peaceful and full of love… Do you love the idea of structure and of everything having a deadline, or do you like to flow as your creativity flows. Do you want to work with a small group of people on a project, or do you like to have full autonomy..

Play with some ideas and let yourself write things down without the need for perfection, without the need for it to make sense. It can even be contradictory.. The more time you spend in contemplation, listening to and honouring your feelings, the more clarity you will get.

You may just reveal that what you want is very very simple… and that in itself can be truly joyful. Maybe for you ‘stripping away’ and giving away things, would actually make your life way more abundant <3. Less is more maybe.

The balance being called for at this auspicious time, is not just to focus on the abundance from receiving all you want from the Universe, but also the abundance you feel when you are giving to life too. For after-all, it is the mark of true abundance when our cup is overflowing so much that we can also share with others. Take time out this week for yourself to have a play with some of these idea’s before the Equinox itself.

The Full Moon in Virgo will also be here on the 18th March and it is calling for us to get practical about what we want to manifest. Whereas the energy of Pisces (where the Sun is right now), is very visionary, it is dreamy and emotional, the Moon is all about how to bring that into being.  Virgo is an earth sign and is very grounded, wanting us to get back to our roots; it is about ‘wholeness’.   Pluto the planet of transformation is also in a trine with the Moon, and in this aspect the energy of transformation is about ‘coming home’… of finally ‘being at peace with what is’.. including being with the grief, or the messiness of ‘not knowing’ for now.  It is asking us to ‘be’ with ourselves, rather than running away.  To not try to be all things to all people in the pursuit of fitting in, and of being one with our awkwardness.  Our empowerment is to realise our value is in our uniqueness.

To share this very special time with like-hearted souls in a sacred environment, joyfully celebrating Spring Equinox with Music, Fire, Cacao, Cake, Sacred Sound, Ritual and Manifesting Intentions, click the button below. We would love to welcome you along – Saturday 19th March @7pm. Click here for more details and to book.

Namaste sweet souls