Welcoming ‘Ostara’ – renewal, rebirth and new beginnings… Spring Equinox is known as the true ‘New Year’, when day and night are of equal hours, and the sun begins to return to its full power, flooding our Northern Hemisphere with photonic light.

Hi lovely’s

The Spring Equinox lands 20/21st of March, and hot on its tail is the New Moon in Aries on 21st March – making it one of the ‘MOST’ potent dates in the calendar this year for sewing seeds of manifestations. New Moons are always the time to set intentions, but the Spring Equinox intensifies the energy 100x fold. Aries is also the first sign in the astrological new year and comes in hot with dynamic and passionate energy.

The Spring Equinox has been revered by our ancestors for millennia (the Netflix series ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ is a fascinating documentary if you’d like to know more). Incredible structures have been built all over the globe to mark the exact point the sun crosses its path on both Equinox’s, as well as the Solstices – and that would not have happened if they weren’t considered highly important. This auspicious time heralds in the energy of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings – marking the first official day of Spring. It’s also a huge celebration for many cultures who see this as the true New Year

It is one of my most favourite times of the year, where the sun starts to build in power and floods us with it’s conscious raising photonic light, (deepening our spiritual awareness). This is the day where night and day finally equalise and come into balance. And with that – it’s the perfect time for us to look within, and see where we are in (or out) of balance and alignment with ourselves.

Consider the balance of ‘give and take’ with regards to your relationships, and your work? Are you getting enough rest, stillness and reflection time, or is it all progress or activity? It’s also time to look more deeply at our masculine and feminine energies (the yin and yang aspects of ourselves) and bring them more into harmony. To nurture our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and our physical experiences.

And when I say balance, I don’t mean that transactional type of weighing up, such as ‘I’ve given you this so you must give me that’. Rather it’s an opportunity to see if, and where, you are feeling depleted by what you are giving; or indeed, where you might be feeling flat from not expressing yourself or giving out enough. Holding back is usually a defence mechanism used unconsciously or consciously as a way of protecting ourselves, yet it often leads to feelings of depression as we are not in our natural and authentic state of flow.

‘Flow’ is really a good way of looking at balance in this regard.. seeing the dynamic movement of energy – just like breath… we can’t only breath out, or indeed breathe in…

To make the most of this magical time of the year you might like to do some journalling, or have a ritual of your own

Here are some Journal Prompts, to help you get focussed:

  • What do I feel I *need to cut back, or weed out of my life in order to create space for my most treasured seeds. *You may not know how just yet, or feel ready to do it, but awareness is the first step.  Once you identify what it is, you can ask the Universe (or even a friend lol) for help in doing it.
  • What ‘feelings’ do I most want to grow and cultivate in my life? Eg, inner peace, self love, contribution to a greater cause, more vitality…
  • What is one small thing I can do regularly towards cultivating the feeling of ‘vitality, inner peace, joy, freedom etc’
  • What do I most dislike doing for self or others? How can I engineer life so that I can outsource some of these things to others, or determine if they are even needed…write a list and get clear because you may find things that are habitual and you could let go of once you question them.
  • What do I most love to do for myself and for others? How can I engineer life so I can do more of this.

The Spring Equinox is not just a ‘date’ but an energetic theme… so if you can’t do something to mark that day itself don’t worry – you can use the energy of renewal and new beginnings throughout the whole of spring.

Obviously aside from getting reflective and journalling, one of the main key elements key to spring is the good old ‘spring clean’. Don’t underestimate its power.  It’s a perfect time to clear out the old, remove rubbish, clutter, unwanted or broken items – be it in your life, your home, your car, or your lifestyle. Also getting out in nature, whether that is for a hike or a bike ride is a real boost to the endorphines and immune system.  See how many different shades of green you can notice, and how many new shoots and plants are coming into bud <3

A wonderful ritual for Spring Equinox:

  • Enjoy a luxurious bath with salts and essential oils.
  • Clear a sacred space for gentle reflection; smudging with sage for extra deep cleansing – and perhaps complete some journalling with the prompts above
  • Create an ‘Altar’, a special place where you can place symbols of what you’d like to attract into your life (e.g: a statue of an entwined couple – be that human or animal, if you are wanting a relationship, or a picture of a beach or some decorative sand and seashells if you want to attract a beach holiday etc… get creative).  Add yellow sunshine items to represent our life giving sun for the Spring Altar.
  • Light a candle and give yourself a beautiful Cacao Blessing, coding your Cacao with your intentions – you can purchase some amazing ceremonial grade cacao here
  • Plant some seeds and watch your flowers, fruit/veg and dreams blossom <3

There’s something quite magical about being in a group of like-minded souls at this sacred time – the amplified energy helps to enhance, expand and deepen our individual experience. There are a bunch of different activities on at this time to suit all tastes and budgets, so if you can’t make it to our magical Spring Equinox mini retreat on 21st, it’s well worth having a look online. That said, there are just a couple of spots left, and it’s worth putting your name on the waitlist in case anyone can’t make it on the night. It promises to be a powerful evening of mind, body and soul nourishment; a place to release the old, and sew seeds for the new…and I simply cannot wait!!

Otherwise if you are hankering for the next ‘Sunday’ event, you won’t have too long to wait, as its coming up fast on 2nd April. A beautiful ‘extended’ soundbath and guided meditation evening with refreshments and time to connect and reflect with the cards. I will be having the lovely Tim (who is one of my wonderful Yogi’s) helping out on the 2nd (Welcome Tim), as our beautiful Debbie is struggling for time on Sundays as she works a full day as well, but she will always try be with us on our Tuesday events yippee

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, and if I don’t see you before, have a magical Spring Equinox and (astrological) New Year. Sew those seeds well 😉 xx