Geeky ‘energy update’ alert 😉

Many of you know that I am a bit nerdy when it comes to geopathic and cosmic energy updates, as well as metaphysics and divine numerology.  I am enthralled by the solar flares and huge waves of photonic light (said to raise humanity’s consciousness), that have been flooding the planet.  On top of that, the Schumann resonance (the earths pulse – which was once a stable 7.8 Hz), has increased exponentially over these last few years, and just recently hit 190 Hz!!.  Solar flares used to just be an occasional thing, whereas now they are practically daily.  Therefore, if you have been feeling intense tiredness and a sort of low vibe of ‘malaise’ lately this may well be why!  Many of us are tuning in to the collective.. and there has been a huge wave of sadness and grief that many have reported feeling without truly understanding why.  I always advise people to ask themselves ‘is this mine?’, as a first pass qustion, because many times at least some of it is actually the collective, and not personal.  If this happens to you, you can try to imagine the energy streaming down and out of your feet into the earth to be transmuted.  A very simple act – yet incredibly powerful.

Today is the 7th day, 7th month, and a 7 numerological year, (the 777 gateway), and our Sun is aligning with Sirius— the 7th Dimensional Portal of our Galaxy.

So what does all this mean and how can we make sure we make the most of this divine date?

The universal 7 year (2023) is known as the rainbow bridge, where the energy focus is about bridging where ‘science meets spirituality’ (my personal sweet spot).  This is the year we are guided to explore our inner worlds, to question everything, and to dare to share our unique gifts and traits with the world.   In 2023 we are being encouraged to go inward, to take time to reflect and spend more time in solitude so we can really hear our soul’s calling.

The 777 Gateway Portal is a huge opportunity to receive upgrades to our consciousness, a time to get plugged back in to the divine so our lives can be more fulfilling. From an energetic point of view it is like a home-coming.  Receiving these light codes is a resource your soul wants you to have (pre-destined if you will) and will set you up for the next 7 years.

The best way you can receive these codes would be through mediation today, in whatever way that most calls to you, but with intention to receive the upgrade codes.  If you can possibly do this at 7am this morning or 7pm if you’ve missed that (just so you can add another 7 into the mix), but its not essential that you do it on a 7.. anytime that works for you will be just great.  If you can get out in nature, and place your feet on the ground that would be highly beneficial too

In your meditation, try to visualise (or intend) to bring in emerald green light in from the cosmos, in from Sirius – and focus on ‘anchoring’ the light codes into your body, rather than just having it stream ‘through’ you.  You do not need to overthink this – just place an intention for this to happen, and trust the process.. If you are reading this message, then it is the intention of your higher self that you receive these light codes and you will be helped.

Make sure you receive this energy with gratitude into your heart, and to ask the question ‘What am ‘I’ being called to create with this energy?’… You may not get an answer immediately, but it is important to ask the question and be willing to receive the answer through symbols throughout the day, or in dream state tonight.

Enjoy your 777 beloveds – it is your birthright after all <3