Wow – this month has been intense hasn’t it?!!. I know ‘intense’ seems to be the watchword for this year so far, but it’s not letting up just yet.

The end of August is giving us our LAST Supermoon of the year (which will also be a Blue Moon), and with it, it’s bringing huge opportunities for personal growth – especially around the topic of attachments.  Whether they be people, habits or consumables, if they have been weighing us down, they are likely to be removed so we can better connect to what is really most important to us.

Letting go with grace is something most of us could do with learning, yet that is easier said than done, so having compassion with ourselves is crucial, as it will require great courage at times.  Rest assured though that whatever we do let go of, will be replaced with something far more in alignment with our spirit and for our highest calling.  And boy oh boy do I know about this right now… (more about that in another blog)

Mercury went retrograde yesterday – so back up computers/tech, check your car over, and be mindful of a higher potential for miscommunications, so go gently with yourself and others.  This is a great time for introspection and by mid September, when both Mercury and Venus are direct, things should start feeling a bit more comfortable – especially where relationships are concerned.

This Full Moon in Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) is giving us the opportunity to surrender into this process of endings, helping us to strip away the illusions we’ve fallen under, and instead merge with something more divine in a place of deep trust.  The universe really has got our backs, yet we must do our part by bringing greater compassion to ourselves and our neighbours.

Meanwhile Saturn, the Karmic taskmaster who appears in this lunation, pushes us to face emotions we may have been trying to avoid feeling.  Saturn strongly encourages us to set firmer boundaries.  Taking on other peoples emotions and burdens has to stop, so this Full Moon will be extremely healing for empaths and healers who tend to take on more than their share of responsibilities.

It could also be that during this lunation we get better at allowing ourselves to feel our feelings without judgment or attachment; to just allow them to be signposts showing us what needs our loving attention.

The blend of the Moon in Pisces, and Sun in Virgo will be giving us the perfect opportunity to merge the practical and the spiritual sides of our lives.  We will feel more in need of ‘calm’ than ever as the frequencies slow down supporting more rest.  Pisces (and it’s ruling planet Neptune) is all about spirituality, compassion, and dissolving illusions and addictions.  It will be pulling us into the invisible world, and just like the fish symbols of this sign, it encourages us to get into  ‘flow’… and to explore our creative and imaginative sides

Both Virgo and Pisces are called to health and healing, so this period will heighten healing of all kinds.  It is the perfect time to do something for your spiritual, physical or emotional health as the Supermoon will increase the power exponentially!!

How will you make the most of this auspicious time of healing?

There are still a few spaces left for the Soundbath & Cacao Mini Retreat on Tuesday 29th, which will be highly supportive, nourishing and healing in and of itself, whilst also preparing you for the frequency downloads from this LAST Supermoon of the year.  I would love to welcome you along <3