Hi my loves – And so here we are.., the season of giving. Whether it’s St Nicholas day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Solstice, Bodhi day, Watch night (and probably any more besides), the end of November and all throughout December there are celebrations a plenty – and wherever we fall on the spectrum of loving or loathing this time, it is very difficult to ignore 😉
Last Christmastime was very difficult for many of us. There was so much fear, unknowns, restrictions, financial hardships, and loneliness – and yet out of the ashes of all of that devastation, something quite beautiful has emerged.
I am finding that more and more people are tuning out to all the programming of what we are ‘supposed to want’, and what we are ’supposed to fear’. We are asking better questions of ourselves, learning to be a bit more ok with the discomfort of not having things all figured out. Sitting in a place of ‘not knowing’ while the dust settles, and not making that time of non-action wrong.
We are now finding we want less ‘things’, and more connection. Maybe we are finally learning our real values.
Some of us are also shunning anything that feels too commercial, either through necessity, or through a new longing for something more rewarding. We are finding new ways to be resourceful, to ‘make do and mend’; repurposing old unwanted gifts, making our own gifts, buying from local businesses, getting all arts and crafty, or baking/pickling etc…
There are so many ways of celebrating and gifting in more meaningful ways than ever before, and maybe this is a perfect time to start new traditions with those you love.. New traditions that are not going to break the bank, fill up your house with clutter, and leave you feeling depleted and dissatisfied…. Oh on that note, have you seen the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix about how to tidy, and of seeing the sacred in all things.. it’s very inspirational 😉
In fact I was prompted to write because a number of you have recently asked if I did vouchers for my events. They thought it would be ‘the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one’. I must say I was utterly delighted to be asked, so have added a ‘Mini Retreat’ and a ‘Soundbath’ voucher onto my site, where you will also find ones for ‘Caapi & a Guided Meditation’ and ‘Kundalini Yoga’ class passes. You can explore them all at www.de-vinespirit.com.
Giving the gift of these healing & soul nourishing soundbaths, retreats and plant medicines, will live on long after they receive it ❤. And of course I am hugely, hugely grateful that any gift you purchase has the added bonus of helping to support me and my dharma, so in turn, I can continue to support my passion for helping nourish and heal others ❤ ❤
I toyed with the idea of making up gift boxes containing my beautiful Caapi & Cacao plant medicines, and maybe even some ‘de-vinely blended’ Essential Oil’s (that you will get to sample as a little gift if you’ve booked onto the Xmas event)… but I don’t think I’m going to have time to do all that justice. If you would like anything specific put together though, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I am happy to sort something bespoke out for you.
Remember there are ONLY TWO events left this year, and they have been crated with such a huge amount of love, I literally can’t wait to welcome you along to them 😍. There are just a few spaces left if you want to get on – it’s going to be magical ❤
Meanwhile my loves, go gently, stay true to yourself when the craziness of December starts – you don’t have to do anything that does not line up with your heart. I will even write you a prescription for ‘time and space’ on the grounds of mental wellbeing if you like 😜
Sending oodles of love – see you soon xx