As the winter months move in, it’s more important than ever to take care of mind, body and spirit with nourishing foods, healthful supplements, gentle movements, meditation, immune boosting breathwork, and soundbaths of course 😜
Hi my loves
How are you all doing? Hopefully feeling a little more settled now we are moving out of eclipse season into slightly more stable frequencies, (albeit colder darker days). The temptation to sit on the sofa and snack becomes heightened, so good routines and self care schedules are important. Time to take extra care of yourself, choosing super nourishing foods and activities.
With that in mind, I wanted to let you know of the upcoming events schedule as there are just 3x left for the remainder of the year. The next pure Soundbath is Tuesday 22nd Nov, the next Full Moon Mini Retreat is Sunday 11th Dec, and I will doing a bonus event on Tuesday 20th just before the Winter Solstice, as a ‘Christmas Soother’.. the content of which is TBC but mince pies will be involved 😉.
Boosting our immune system is of course the most powerful way to keep healthy as the cold and flu season start. We were born with an innately powerful internal system, and we just need to learn how best to activate it, and to not get in its way with an overload of toxins.
I thoroughly recommend taking regular supplements such as Zinc, Quercertin, Vit D3 & K2 (this is a combo you can get in a spray). If you do get a cold, elderberry syrup is a godsend, and taking echinacea at the very start also works extremely well for many. Aside from these, the other ‘must have’ item for your cabinet is ‘Zanes organic oregano oil’…It’s a powerful antiviral, and early on I read alot about its disarming effect on c-vid, so it became my ‘go to’ right from the start.
I have not had even so much as a cold in years. These days I make sure to take a few drops of oregano oil if I have been round anyone with a cold and it has never let me down (though be warned you will smell a bit like a pizza, and your mouth will be on fire for a few seconds, but it’s worth it 😜) . You take the drops on a teaspoon of oil, or a shot glass of milk.., but read the reviews on Amazon, the amount of uses for this oil is phenomenal. You can purchase any of the above from amazon – I’m not on commission 😉.
Aside from the many proven health benefits from taking Soundbaths, I also put my robust health down to my regular Kundalini Yoga practice – it too, is well researched for its immune boosting practices.
The breath-work alone helps to flush out literally litres of stale toxic air caught up in our lungs; the kriya practices help to activate meridians in our bodies that govern the immune system (as well as digestive system etc), and the gentle stretching, mindfulness and mediations are soooo good for mind and spirit as much as they are for the body.
I love watching my yogis leave the soothing candlelit classes with glowing faces, feeling lighter and brighter as they float off to bed.
Whatever your chosen method of boosting your immune system, your health, and your overall mood, get yourself into a good practice now and you’ll be setting yourself up for a wonderful winter season ahead. It’s kind of funny really that society has made this coming time the ‘party season’, when actually everything in nature calls for it to be the time to hunker down, rest, recoup, nurture and nourish… That’s the funny old thing about ‘society’ though – seems we keep finding it’s all a bit topsy turvey 😉
I’m looking forward to seeing you all over the weeks and months ahead sweet souls. Do look after yourselves, and please reach out if you need any comfort or advice. I will always do my best to respond in a timely manner, though my schedule is tighter than ever these days.
Blessings of love and light – Namaste xx
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