If you have recently been experiencing sleep disturbances, or strange new aches and pains, or been struggling to focus with a wooly head, don’t worry, this is a fairly normal set of symptoms that can happen while we level up to this new energy.  As electromagnetic beings, it is understandable that all this extra photonic light and powerful energy woofing out of the sun would be impacting us.

Although it is important to get any health issues checked out by a professional, many people are experiencing these ‘unexplained’ physical phenomena which many believe are ascension symptoms, meaning the energy is upgrading our DNA, and therefore helping us purge stagnancies that are not serving us.

Resting, deep breathing, hydrating well, and grounding is hugely important and really will help.

It is also worth noting that 1 hour soundbath is the healing equivalent to 8 hours sleep, so try to get yourself along to this months mini retreat – you’ll do yourself a power of good