It is with mixed emotions that I say – ‘Welcome 2021’.

To be totally honest with you, I tentatively opened the door on this new year, and held off writing a traditional ‘’Happy New Year’’ post because I wanted to honour the enormity of the times we are in right now.

For many people ‘Happy’ is not a word they can totally relate to at this moment.  Bitter Sweet might be as optimistic as they can get, so I certainly do not want to bulldoze through someone’s grief, pain, frustration and fear, just because we have come to a manmade point in the calendar.

We are ALL navigating the most surreal times of our entire lives right now.  It seems each of us are having a very different experience through it, even pivoting back and forth between extreme bliss and hell within the same week for some of us; with all sense of normalcy and sanity disappeared from sight.

So instead, what I did want to offer you was my presence.. to let you know that you’re not alone, or wrong, however you are feeling.  I want to honour you right now, exactly where you are at.. However messy or challenged you might be feeling.

If you are struggling to set goals, to get motivated to look to the year ahead, to even just get your laundry on, then please know it is totally understandable, and you are perfectly normal.

The world has been turned on its head, and whilst I believe right now is the biggest opportunity for the most incredible expansion and awakening of our lives, it is also poking at our most vulnerable spots and triggering our biggest fears.

Each person’s fear is of course going to be different.   For some it is the fear of becoming ill at the hands of a ‘deadly unseen virus’, for others it is the potential to be the cause of someone else death if a wrong move is made, (therefore to be a ‘bad’ person), for others they fear the loss of freedom and sovereignty and to be under the control of a communist totalitarian one world government.

But no matter what the ‘subject’ of the fear is, it is all still the vibration of fear.  There is in fact more that unites us than divides us when you get to the ‘feelings’ underneath the thoughts.  Now, just to give fair warning, the rest of this blog is an invitation for deep transformational healing, however, it may potentially be a trigger in and of itself, so please know that what I am offering here is a view for spiritual adventurers to explore.  If this is not something you resonate with then my peace and love goes out to you wherever you are at and there is nothing further you need to do.  Otherwise, I hope you will read on and give it further contemplation.

I believe what we are being called for this year more than ever before, is to have compassion and courage.   The courage to truly ‘see’ square in the eyes what we are most afraid to look at, and finally see the utter illusion we are under. Nothing less than jumping straight into the void!  The themes of 2020 will not be letting up until we do so.

Yet what we have misunderstood and been at a loss to see all this time; is exactly how much power we truly have.  We can choose how we respond to our triggers, and we do not have to accept ‘ANY’ of the narratives.

There are more possibilities about what is going on here than anything we think we know right now.  We simply cannot perceive ALL of the possibilities – it’s just too vast!!  Its time to ‘level up’ players…. !

You may have noticed the world is split on just about every subject right now.  With each side feeling that their ‘scientist/doctor/politician/virologist/fill in the blank) is more credible than the others.

Well, just maybe we are all looking in the wrong place for answers.  The fears we are feeling have been programmed into us, unless you live under a rock, none of us can escape that.  We have literally been taught and conditioned what to feel, and we have to go through an unlearning process to get clear enough to see it.  Yet these very fears can be used as a gateway to our spiritual development.

If your fear is about being seen to ‘be good and virtuous, following rules and being accepted by society’, then maybe there is some belief/trauma/pattern there to look at, how is this holding you back from being your most authentic self?.  If your fear is about being controlled and losing your freedoms, then claiming your inner power and your deep connection to divinity itself is where you need to explore next… If your fears are centred mainly around catching the virus itself, then maybe there is something further for you to learn about the pharmaceutical industry (and in fact how all the corporates and government truly work) along your view of death.  When you make peace with death, when you know that the  soul never dies, you’ll realise we really can make it through any of this strange of game of life.

We seem to have forgotten our power, and our connection to divinity itself. We are so much more than this ‘being’ we see in the mirror.  We are vast, divine, spiritual beings.  Our souls cannot be harmed.

We have been duped dear ones – we are not at fault, nor are we to blame… yet we are responsible from here.  We have the response-ability.. to turn our fate and our fears around.

So my invitation is to forget writing to ‘do’ lists for 2021…  This year is about be-coming, it is a ‘home-coming’…  Are you ready to finally ‘be’ who you truly are?  The clock is ticking – we are none of us getting out of here alive 😉  So is it time to take the red pill?  to become aware of the illusions and step into your greatest power…?

Yes? Good – then how to go about this is practical terms?

Step 1. Get real about your fears.  Start with one topic and write them all out.

Step 2. Sounds strange, but be brutally honest with yourself about whether you want to keep them?  You may have invested time, money, relationships, even your identity around them and the idea of cracking through this veneer might be terribly uncomfortable.  But it is not impossible – you may just need the help of a caring and trusted professional to hold space for you whilst you explore the alternatives.  Remember the mind cannot perceive what you are going to gain.. only what you stand to give up.  But believe me, the gains are always 100% worth more than what you give up when you are not on your authentic path.  I am speaking as someone who has jumped into the void and dropped their whole life multiple times.

If you want to hang on to your fears, then no amount of further information provided on a silver tray from God him-(or her)self, is going to dissuade you from having that fear.

In which case, with this new awareness you may as well make peace with the fear. Take ownership of your choice to keep them and it will put you back in control of them rather than they of you.   I ask only for you to be responsible about how you share these fears with others, because ‘your’ truth, will not be the same for others.

Step 3. If you do NOT wish to continue with that fear, then set about as a detective… and get digging.  You really will find high quality information that apposes your fear, once you frame the question well, and open up to the universe presenting you with new evidence (yes even those of you who have been all the way down the rabbit holes ;p).  Illusions run deep.. there are always more illusions to strip away, and each time you do you will get to a higher understanding.

Step 4. Be gentle and ‘present’ with yourself.  Aside from having courage, the most important thing is to soften and breath through everything you learn… like childbirth, (which is what you are doing here, you are birthing your real beautiful self out of the illusion).  You can’t stop half way through the process or it will be incredibly painful… you must allow the process to unfold as you learn.  Keep breathing, keep reminding yourself that this (new understanding) is only one part of the journey.  You’ll get through that part, and there will be a new level to understand.  What starts off as super painful just gets sweeter and sweeter the more illusions you uncover.  HAVE FAITH.

Step 5. Repeat.. Repeat.. Repeat.  and have oodles of compassion for yourself and others whilst you go about this mission.  It is not a ‘once and done’ task.  It is something that you will shed layers off like peeling an onion, and you will probably come back round to the same fear you thought you had got past multiple times (albeit that it will lessen a bit more each time).  Yet shedding the fears will be the single most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and for the planet.

The vibration of fear is crippling for most people.  We have literally been taught to fear from the moment we are born to such a degree that we do not even recognise some levels of stress (fear) we consistently live with.  Fear’s fuel are cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine and these hormones are toxic to our system under this constant drip feeding; causing all manner of disease (dis-ease) in the body and mind.

If you are already on this journey/mission, or about to embark on it, then I take my hat off to you warrior of light!  It is not for the faint hearted, yet as I said, it is one of the most rewarding and loving things you can do for yourself and the whole planet.  Every single layer of fear you release, releases the whole collective!

Lets make 2021 ‘the year to release fear’.  

With love, honour and blessings
Your friend
Penny xx


Please reach out if you are struggling and would like help navigating through your fears, beliefs, trauma’s or patterns.  I have over a decade of experience helping people with stress and anxiety to release their fears and discover their authentic beautiful selves.  You can read more about how I work on my coaching tab here http://de-vinespirit.com/wellness-coaching/