Hi beloveds,

So yesterday we had the lunar eclipse and the 5/5 portal and I had totally planned on giving you the heads up about the energy forecast buuuuuuuutttt…. I got totally smashed up by it myself.  Wowzers – I felt like I had been hit by a truck, not just tiredness, but my whole body ached.  So if you found yourselves super tired out and lacking any oomph, that could very well be why.

We have had a real run of ‘interesting’ energy aside from the Eclipse, Full Moon and 5/5 portal – the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s Pulse) actually went completely off the charts on 30th April.  We also have Mercury in Retrograde and Pluto (the planet of transformation, death and rebirth) has just gone retrograde too.  

So all in all – it has been a huge amount to deal with energetically.  Therefore I hope you have been being gentle with yourselves.

Full Moons are typically a time of release, and can play havoc with our emotions – after all, the moon is powerful enough to move great bodies of water such as the ocean.  So when it is a full moon in Scorpio (the most intense of the water signs), and you add a Lunar Eclipse to the mix well, the word intense probably doesn’t even do it justice ;).

The sensitive of us will have been feeling the eclipse energy as much as a couple of weeks before it occurs, and what unfolds in this period will set the scene for the next 6 months.  Scorpio is asking us to look at where we are holding ourselves back from being our most authentic selves, and this period is pushing us to let go of everything that is blocking us from standing in our truth; everything that has been holding us down.  The shadowy corners are what Scorpio looks into, and we need to reclaim the shadow aspects of our personality that have been buried.

We are being encouraged to finally change those things we know deep down we need to change.  The whole of May we are being encouraged to do those things we may have been scared to do despite wanting to.. time to do the spontaneous… take a trip.. It is time for more fun, and for getting out of a rut (Taurus energy)…

The taurus/scorpio axis is an interesting one…, on one hand we feel the need to change things up and get rid of stagnancy, but on the other, we feel obligations to others – which we think we need to do to feel safe.

Pluto in retrograde means it is time to stop looking for approval from others.  Instead of doing things just for that feeling of stability that approval gives us fleetingly, we are being encouraged to do the things that make us feel more authentic.

It is after all authenticity that gives us true stability and security… When we don’t abandon ourselves for false approval, we are stronger than any approval from another can ever make us feel.  Otherwise we have to live with the constant threat of ‘being found out’, of ‘getting it wrong’ of ‘falling from grace’.  Its time we learned to live in our own grace <3

The first symbol of scorpio is the scorpion that sheds its old protective coating.. and the second is the glorious Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Courage is what is called for during this Pluto retrograde time… because we will need to face our demons, and we will need to let go of some of our perceived comforts – however, what we will be rewarded with as we align with our souls true calling, is worth its weight in gold.

Death and Rebirth is what this period is all about – we need to let go of the old to make space for the new.  The eclipse will bring up whatever needs purging in yourself and in the collective.  Welcome what arises with love, compassion and forgiveness, allowing and observing with an open heart, so the distorted energies and frequencies can pass through more easily. 

Hydrate, rest, and reflect, making sure you stay gentle with yourself (and others)

Sending you all an abundance of love, light and blessings

Penny <3 xx