Hi loves

How can it be October already!! Yet here we are – with a month packed full of intense energy, and activations for our deepest growth if we choose to work with them.

This month kicks off with Mercury coming out of retrograde on 2nd October, though we will stay in the retrograde shadow for another week. Then on the 4th October, Saturn is square with Uranus, (a square is a transit usually connected with tension). This marks another level of the age old battle we have been in throughout our life time… the one of the ‘new’ world, with the ‘old’ world.

Saturn, (governing the old hierarchical structures such as the government and old establishments like the monarchy and churches etc), and Uranus (heralding in the freedom loving age of Aquarius, with new technology, community driven structures, and grass root activations), brings these themes up for us to chew over once again.

If we have been feeling a pull in our life between an old Saturnian way of being and doing, yet at the same time conflicted because our soul is urging for us to move forward into the age of Aquarius, then we are likely to feel this even more strongly this month. The signs are that all the rumination and vacillation between living a conventional and non conventional lifestyle should be coming to an end, as our patience with straddling the two worlds is wearing thin.

Scaling back on things that have been a sticking plaster to cover up discomfort is indicated, and indeed recommended for the brave. To stop buying unnecessary items, or numbing out with food/drink/shopping etc would be a good thing right now, and will be very supportive in helping with the transition. Don’t be afraid of feeling the discomfort – because it means growth. The mind can only comprehend what it stands to lose, but knows nothing of the beauty of what can be gained in the space created. We cannot receive if our cup is already too full. Anything that you feel has a ‘shelf life’, might become more prominent in your mind for finally dealing with.. whether that is relationship, job, lifestyle, habit..

We also have a Full Moon in Aries on 9th October (**there are just 3x tickets left if you’d like to be in nourishing circle that day) and this will be a wonderful opportunity to release old ‘stuff’ and get more clear about the way ahead. One of the strong messages coming through is that we really need to make time this month to go inwards, to quieten the mind so we can pick up on the more subtle messages coming through for our highest good. Pay attention to synchronicities…!

There is a higher probability for impatience and frustrations, and the current alignment will be causing some back and forth mind changing behaviour which will add to the frustrations…. If it’s not you being flakey, then it might be the people around you. Don’t over commit to anything during this intense energy, give yourself breathing space so you can respond with grace and adapt as you need to. Once we do get clear about what we want then we are supported to go full force after it.

Ultimately, despite the intense energy (not forgetting the eclipse in Scorpio coming up later this month), there is still alot to feel positive about. We have some very sweet harmonious energy with both the Sun and Venus being in Libra, which rules beauty, love, balance and peace. And both the Moon and Chiron (the wounded healer planet) are in Aries, giving us an amazing opportunity to heal emotional wounds. The fire energy from Aries can literally burn up and through our old trauma’s. This time is really supportive for healing matters of the heart.

You may well feel grief, sadness and anger from the collective coming through at random times, as well as your own. Always just ask the question ‘is this mine?’ before you go into a story about what you are feeling, and if it is not yours then let it drain down into the Earth to be redistributed. If it is yours, then try not to judge it, and allow it to be in your body peacefully, until it’s ready to leave.

It’s funny but we don’t think twice about taking off to snuggle under the duvet if we are physically sick.. but we judge ourselves like crazy if we have an ‘off’ day and feel emotionally unwell. It would be wonderful to normalise feeling down or sad – to think about it in the same way as you do about having a spot of flu, ‘this will be gone in a couple of days… i’ll get through it with some sleep, tissues and nourishing soup’ 😉💗🙏

Be gentle with yourselves as we navigate October.. try to steer clear of the news, because so much of our experience of life is formed from what we consume and think about. Just because it is in the news does not mean it is so.. if there is one thing we have learned over the last few years is that they do love to sell us fear and separation. Look after your energy, and feed yourselves well with joyful and uplifting information, foods and experiences. Tend to your inner garden x

Also I want to let you know first that I have just released the next Soundbath tickets for 18th October. I am really hoping I might have my dear old Dad this time down to stay and he will be my guest of honour.. but it all depends on if timings work out 🙏.

Sending you all an abundance of love and blessings and look forward to seeing you at Class on Thursday, Full Moon event next Sunday or Soundbath really soon.

Namaste xx