Hi my loves

It was so lovely to see so many of you on Sunday for the Autumn Equinox retreat – what a powerful and delightful evening that was <3 <3

And now we turn our attention to the Harvest Full Moon that arrives on 29th September and is packing a powerful punch!.  You may already be able to feel the intensity of this fiery, headstrong Aries Moon.

This lunation is a big one, straight off the back of the Equinox and preparing us for the Eclipse Season ahead.  We are now in Libra season, which is all about the ‘WE’ in relationships…. yet Aries is also bringing a huge headbutt of ‘ME!’ energy.. ;p.  

This is no bad thing really – as we need to practice ‘balance’ (Libran energy), otherwise we can lose ourselves completely. Aries is a powerful beacon to sovereignty and autonomy.  We may find ourselves being intolerant of anything that makes us feel backed into a corner or pushed against our will..  There will be a buzz of competitive or aggressive energy about, so don’t get caught up in it; tread gently around this lunation, as there may be clashes of personality.

Aries is about ‘initiating’, so any new projects you are beginning will have extra potency. Reclaiming personal power, acknowledging the fire within, and embracing qualities that make us unique is highlighted during this time.  As ever, the full moon serves us in letting go of things we no longer need.  Take time to clear out a cupboard – either figuratively or literally <3. 

I am running a super nourishing Soundbath & Guided Meditation on Tuesday for the Full Moon, that will smooth any ruffled feathers, and put you all back together if you get a bit rocked about this weekend.  So get yourselves booked on soon as tickets traditionally sell out for the Tuesday slots

Happy Full Harvest Moon my loves.  Please be gentle with yourselves, keep hydrated and reach out if ever you need a comforting ear.


Cant wait to see you on Tuesday xx