Hello my loves

I do hope you are being gentle with yourselves, and not putting yourselves under too much pressure for your festive celebrations. I like to remember that ‘presence’ over ‘presents’ usually wins hands down ;).  And yet whilst most people are getting excited for Xmas celebrations, all I can think about is that we’re almost at the Winter Solstice – Yippee!!! 🙏😊🎉

I am not the hugest fan of dark cold days, so for me the Winter Solstice (which marks a return of the light and when the days start to get longer), is a time for great celebration, hope and transformation. Its the start of a new chapter <3 

It has been a time honoured by our ancestors for millennia, in such huge ways that incredible ancient structures have been found all around the globe, clearly built in honour of the Winter and Summer Solstices, and also clearly showing humanity has been around for way, way longer than we have been told. If finding out more about humanity’s incredible past interests you, then definitely watch ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ on Netflix over the holiday season.. it’s an absolutely magnificent documentary <3.

Winter Solstice is seen as the ‘New Year’ in Pagan traditions, and unlike the Gregorian calendar where we mark the 1st Jan as our New Year, (with it’s big driver to get those New Year Resolutions in place), I like to take the time from Solstice onwards to start reflecting and preparing myself for what I’d like to bring into in the year ahead. It’s a much gentler approach.

I also love to spend this time reflecting on the past year, taking time to give gratitude to everything that has brought me to the place of expansion and growth that I am in now, (even the parts that felt uncomfortable at the time). Overall I feel full of excitement about what is ahead for us, despite some obvious challenges the world faces economically and politically.

Although the ground seems hard, cold and frozen, experience tells us that underneath there is magic waiting to unfurl. This is the metaphor I live my life by all the time.. a kind of trust and faith that no matter how dark things ever get.. how bleak anything ever looks, the cycle of life will bring the sun round once again to thaw out the freeze, and magical shoots of abundance will sprout from the earth once again.

We should not gloss over the biological, emotional and energetic need to rest in this period. We really do actually need periods of time to let ourselves ‘fallow’. Nature shows us that everything is a cycle, and when we don’t honour that we can get completely out of whack, losing our ability to read our own needs and putting stress on our body, mind, and life force energy. This is the pupa period, before we emerge as the beautiful butterfly that we are meant to develop into. This is the perfect time to create space for meditation because new ideas, dreams and information want to reveal themselves to you in downloads from the divine if only you are in a position to hear them <3

The planetary alignment that is unfolding at the moment is also showing hugely exciting opportunities for us all. The move of Pluto into Aquarius really brings in the community and collaboration vibe, and according to top Astrologists, the pattern of this (which can be traced back over centuries) shows that this alignment EVERY TIME brings a power shift from a ‘top down’, to a more ‘grass roots up/ community led’ system. Lets keep a vision of that as its definitely time for a change… <3

December 23rd is not just a New Moon, but it is a ’Super’ New Moon.. making it a potent time for manifesting and setting intentions. Doing some kind of clearing ritual between 20-22nd for the Solstice will really help prepare you to utilise the energy of that date.

So my loves, I would love to see you at my Winter Solstice mini-retreat, but if you can’t make it, then perhaps you would like to have a little ritual of your own.

Perhaps you could have a scented bath, sage a space that feels creative to sit in and light a candle. Put on some gentle music, make a gorgeous cup of ceremonial cacao and get your journal out. Then perhaps let yourself reflect on the year. What have you achieved or been proud of, what have you learned, what did you let go of, what did you allow yourself to receive, what did you forgive, what loose ends can you tie up as you begin the next chapter in the new year, what are your intentions for the year ahead.

Have fun with it. Free-write or get structured – whatever suits your personality. You could add in some movement with gentle stretching yoga, or shaking/dancing it all out too.

I’d love to hear what you get up to – and of course I will be holding another beautiful mini retreat in honour of the Cancer Full Moon on Sunday 8th January where there will be time to bring those intentions (or new ones), back into sacred light.

Meanwhile if you are still wanting to purchase anything from the De-Vine Store, (Vouchers, Caapi or Cacao), then the last day for posting in UK is on Friday Dec 16th, or you can of course pick up from the Winter Solstice celebrations on Tuesday Dec 20th if you are local, (even if you are not able to attend the actual event, you can still sneak in and collect).

Happy Solstice next week my loves, Blessed be