We are almost at that amazing time of year – the ‘Winter Solstice’, when we can begin to celebrate the return of the light… Oh yes!! I for one am very excited about that <3. It is also the Full Moon (In Gemini) on Sunday 19th, the first lunation since eclipse season, and the very last in 2021. And finally, Venus will be going retrograde straight after the Full Moon.

So what does this period of astrological alignments have in store for us? Well, it seems the major themes are that Gemini (ruled by Mercury who is the messenger God) is extremely active with messages, and we’ll be getting some very strong messages from the divine that we NEED to pay attention to. These messages will come in divine ways.. dropped into your consciousness by a chance conversation, a feather, a knowingness, a synchronicity, a song that says just the ‘thing’ that makes sense.. But you’ll know.

It could well be that there is a little extra anxiety around the messages themselves, because they will likely be requesting us to come out of our comfort zone, and to do or to say what we have been trying to avoid saying or doing… the thing that we fear a little…

We already ‘know’ to some degree what these are, but we have been trying to pretend we don’t. The time has come where avoiding it is getting too exhausting. We can no longer fight the inevitable – and yet the funny thing is that if we only stop the struggle, if we surrender and follow our heart – despite not knowing the full picture or all the ‘how’s’, whys or where’s, we will be hugely rewarded. It feels counter intuitive as we think following the nudge will be unsafe, yet that is the only really safe place we have. We simply must come home to ourselves…

Gemini is a mutable sign, which means it is very flexible.. it is happy to just figure things out day by day, and doesn’t need a long term plan. And THIS is the exact energy we need to adopt so that we can more peacefully conduct our lives during this transit (and beyond). A new approach to life is a-coming… we have been living for far too long under strict and rigid ideas and principles within society, but what is being ushered in now is a new more flexible approach to life. It is time to get a little more relaxed even during these massive changes. To be more playful and light hearted and surrender to a higher power which is at play. This will help us to heal and to readjust so we start a new chapter being open to receiving. We are being invited to stop taking things so seriously and to roll with the punches.

So good things are ahead – we just need to follow our hearts, to have courage to be authentic, and to be more lighthearted as we navigate the changes ahead.

Also with Venus in retrograde you’ll be reflecting on your how you want to be presenting yourself in the world. This is a time to go inward for a little, to not be pushing forward with yang energy.. rather come into a more receiving presence..time to learn a different way. Having fun letting things ‘in’…Ease and grace are the watch words <3

Sending love-light, hugs and warmest blessings xx