Mental World Health Day, acts as a great reminder to check in with how we are feeling; and to acknowledge if we need a little extra support.

Mental Health issues affect one in four of us every year, and thankfully the stigma that used to surround mental health concerns have all but disappeared… That said, many people still struggle in silence.  Mental Heath Day brings awareness to this very real problem that I personally feel has been largely created by the societies we are conditioned to live in.

So much of today’s society has morphed into something that’s just about as far from what being a human is as possible.  These days we are fed on a diet of fear, division, unnatural foods and an over-reliance on tech rather than the warmth and connection of other people.  It is no wonder we struggle with anxiety, depression and ADHD.  And as the last few years have caused a focus predominantly on survival, many do not really know what brings them truly alive or happy.

In my opinion, one of the most important acts of self-care we can instantly do is to switch off the news.  In fact I switched off the TV completely in July 2020 and I can honestly say I have never looked back 😉

It is amazing how much more inner peace you have when you are not being told what you should be afraid of every five minutes, and of course how much more that you can do with the time that is free’d up.  But don’t worry, I know that is not for everyone.  Pulling away from something that we ‘perceive’ to be a form of comfort takes an act of faith, because we don’t know what is on the other side of that.  We may fear that it could expose feelings of loneliness – although we don’t realise that exposing a truer feeling is also a way of helping to heal it, rather than numb it.

Despite radically reducing my TV viewing over the years, it took me 3 years to finally pull the plug on the TV.  I was scared that I’d feel like I was going ‘off grid’ and cutting myself off from society, and if I’m honest I thought it would make me the ultimate ‘weirdo’ that I had kind of felt I might be all my life 😉

Except once I did it, I felt liberated <3. A deep feeling of inner peace and strength flood through me.  It was the opposite of what I feared.

Were there people who switched off from me because I was no longer doing what they did?  Yes….some ! But you know what they say, those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.  Which is a motto that lives strongly in my heart. 

We find our tribe by being our authentic selves.. and having lived behind a mask for many years back when I was working in the corporate world, before having my own mental health burn out, I can honestly say being your authentic self is the BEST inoculation for mental health issues.  It takes courage to walk away from things that are incongruent with your heart, your soul and your truth, but remember, the mind can’t conceive of all the incredible synchronicities and joys it will gain.  The mind can only consider that which it thinks it will lose.

Back in 2008 when I was in the corporate world I went through my own dark night of the soul that lasted 6x months and was the catalyst for a complete life overhaul.  I am no stranger to the darkness that can feel like its about to swallow you whole, so I truly do get it.  By the skin of my teeth I managed to pull myself out of the mire, and there began my mission to help others heal their wounds, find their truth, embrace their soul and fall back in love with life.  I may write more about my story in another post, but for now, at least know that you are not alone and it is wholly possible to start again…. (and again..) no matter how invested you have found yourself to be,, in a life that is not your highest calling.

With all of that said, there are ‘more gentle’ steps to mental wellbeing and mental health 😉 – and here are 6x ways you can instantly boost yours.

Six ways you can improve your mental wellbeing and therefore your mental health:

  1. Practice mindfulness – bringing awareness into the present moment, by focussing on sensations in the body, or your breath, or on what’s around you, helps to take you our of a busy mind, which creates space from difficult, repetitive or negative thought loops.
  2. Gratitude – Learn to appreciate the everyday sights and sounds around you and all the good things in your life.  Counting your blessings is not just a thing that our Grandma’s used to say.. there is real science in raising our vibration with practicing gratitude.   
  3. Move your body – whether you go out for a walk, to the gym, dance in your bedroom, or rake some leaves in the garden, movement will increase your heart rate and deepen your breath, giving you a detox whilst releasing endorphins.  Not only will this give you a mental boost, but you will move stagnant emotions out of the body too – vital for mental health.
  4. Connect with like-hearted others – finding your tribe will increase your mental health tenfold.  It is the quality of connections that really make a world of difference especially if you are an empath, or HSP.  Be prepared to try out group for size, and don’t worry if it takes a few attempts to find your tribe, they are out there waiting for you.
  5. Expand your mind – learning something new is not only good for the neurons in the brain, but learning new skills builds confidence, and learning about new ideas is not only fascinating, but also helps you connect with others.
  6. Contribute – Doing things for others is a great way to improve wellbeing.  Random acts of kindness, volunteering, or just helping friends or family can be really rewarding and boost feelings of self esteem, whilst of course creating a more beautiful world.

I hope this helps my loves <3.  If you feel that you need more 1-2-1 guidance and professional help please do not struggle alone.  There are so many types of help available, no matter where you are on your journey.  If you want to find out more about working with me specifically then please feel free to make contact.  My diary is full currently but I will gladly let you know if I think what I offer will be the right fit for you and you are welcome to join my wait list as I will be taking someone on within the next month.

Sending an abundance of love-light