We have almost made it through January, and to welcome in February we have a brand new theme to go with this new energy alignment. We are also extra fortunate that our first new class falls on Imbolc – the Pagan celebration of ‘awakening’.
This period of time on the Celtic Wheel (half way between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox) is celebrated as a ‘stirring’ of springtime, despite it often being the harshest weather of winter. This is because the nights are getting lighter and it’s when the first lambs start being birthed, hence the name Imbolc, which means ‘in the belly’.
As you know, I am very interested in ‘energy’ in all its forms and how it impacts us, whether that be Kundalini energy, planetary, moon phase energy, Schumann Resonance or ancestral/pagan/spiritual celebrations – it is all connected, as we are all connected and impacted by this ‘wheel of nature’ in a toroidal field.. no beginning, and no end.
Imbolc is all about the Goddess Brighid (spelled multiple ways) and the main themes are to do with honouring home and hearth as well as blessing the fields for fertility. She is actually thought of as the ‘triple goddess’ – (a little like we have in Kundalini Shakti and the 9x forms of Durga with Parvati/Kali etc). Brighid’s three aspects are:
1. Inspiration
2. Healing
3. Hearth/Forge (heating metals)
She is considered the patroness of fire, poetry, medicine, sacred wells, serpents, livestock, blacksmithing and the arrival of early spring. Interestingly she is also thought to be one and the same as Brigantia – which ‘Britain’ or Brittannia (England) is named after. She was very much concerned with ideas of sovereignty and personal empowerment; a ‘spiritual midwife that helps birth our potential as we grow in tune with heart and spirit’ (absolutely a woman after my own heart) 😉💓🙏.
And in fact with all the symbolism of serpents, of fire, empowerment and multiple persona’s/aspects, I would say she is as close to a Gaelic version of Kundalini as we can get 😉 Worth celebrating for sure.
Fire plays an important role at Imbolc (the Goddess Brighid’s name means ‘Firey Arrow’ afterall) and there are some lovely rituals you can hold for yourselves, such as a house blessing. You can do this using a fresh white candle and light with a fresh match at the kitchen table. Ask Brighid to bless the candle and for the flame to represent her power, then say ‘may it be a sign of your presence and power, clearing away all negative energies. Blessed be’. Then take the candle all around a clean and tidy house to bring in blessings, visualising the flame burning out any stuck and negative energy.
There are lots of other ways to celebrate too… baking, crafting, feasting. It is also a perfect time to give back to nature – make some fat balls or seed cakes for the birds out of lard/suet, breadcrumbs, raisons, currents and seeds etc.. I’m sure you can find some ideas on the internet if it appeals to you
Sat Nam sweet souls
May be an image of text that says "May the life stirring underground, stir new dreams within you May the flames of inspiration and passion be ignited in your soul www.kundalini-yoga.co.uk lmoolc Blessings"