Welcoming a brand new Era – the most important transits of 2024… Pluto moves to Aquarius where it will stay till 2044 (albeit with one small fluctuation later this year).

On the early hours of Sunday morning in the UK, Pluto leaves Capricorn which is all about big business, corporations and governments, and it enters Aquarius, the sign of freedom, community, innovation, harmony, technology and science.

Why is this such a big thing?  Because Pluto is known as the planet of death, rebirth & transformation – and will be bringing about BIG change ready or not!  

Although many fear Pluto because of the energy of destruction, (or at the very least the change) it brings about, it’s worth remembering change is not a bad thing.  It can help us to feel more alive, and the intensity can even be the very thing that ignites our drive and purpose.  Keep in mind the Phoenix that rises from the ashes; its an opportunity for rebirth and these changes bring us more into alignment with our souls highest purpose.

Pluto is planet of power so it intensifies the symbolism of the planet it moves into, thereby revealing anything that is corrupt and out of alignment and thus acts as a catalyst for change.  Therefore we will start to see power being removed from the old systems ruled by Capricorn, and moved towards the community; towards the people.  There could also be a crises, an advancement, and/or intensification in development in the realm of science and technology.

So as chaotic and as intense as things may be about to become (yes.. I know we are now no strangers to that), keep in mind that Aquarius demands harmony and we are all being given the gift of seeing, and then healing and integrating our shadow aspects.. not just for the good of ourselves, but for the good of the collective.  

Yes it might be a bit uncomfortable at times but it’s important that we grow.  It is more important that ever in fact, and it’s time we reclaimed our power.  The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in 1778 and we have been in a deep period of darkness and oppression since… The job of this transit is to awaken our souls deep calling for community; to draw those of us who are dreaming of creating a new harmonious, peaceful world, to come together <3

In summary you could think of PLUTO as bringing about Peace, Love, Unity, Truth and Oneness… and therefore anything that is not of those frequencies and vibrations Pluto will remove – and ultimately when you think it about it that way – that is no bad thing <3

Namaste sweet souls

Penny xx