Hi loves

If you have not yet experienced Kundalini Yoga, I wanted to share a little information about it, but for those of you who already practice, I also wanted to give a little reminder about just why we’re doing it <3

The reason I absolutely love Kundalini Yoga (known as the MOTHER of yoga) is that it encompasses ALL other forms of Yoga. There is so much to it – and you don’t have to be flexible or fashionable, super skinny, or to drink matcha latte’s (although on that note, seriously try it with coconut milk, it’s gorgeous lol).

Kundalini Yoga is a journey, it takes you deep within yourself. You are given the space to listen to your body, your breath and your spirit..; to be curious, and to become more aware. It helps get you out of a busy head – it helps raise your level of consciousness and is truly about expansion, which is the most important way we can raise our vibration.

I always create a term around a Kriya set (repetitive focussed movements with breath work) – and each Kriya set will focus on a particular theme, such as ‘Adrenal health’ or Strengthening our Aura’. The one we are doing at the moment is called ‘Mastering our Domain’… (self mastery)

My class is made up of a small amount of gentle hatha yoga, kriya, body shaking, mantra, mudra, meditation, relaxation, pranayama and the whole class is one based in mindfulness. Some Kriya are harder than others to do. Sometimes they are physically challenging, sometimes more mentally challenging (sometimes they are both).

The hardest part of a class is usually the Kriya portion – but this is the part that creates self discipline – which in turn creates self mastery. If I get any push back when teaching, this is the place it will happen lol… ‘but why do we have to do this?, it’s too hard’ Is what I hear on occasion – either verbally, or more often I just ‘see’ the words streaming out of peoples ears (oooh yes, did I mention it gives you super-powers ;p haha)….

So let me explain WHY we perform Kriya. Kundalini Yoga is a science – it works on the meridians in the body, and creating certain angles or movements will activate those meridians, organs, or chakras (a chakra is an energy centre). We need to perform a Kriya for a certain length of time to activate that area, so each section is timed. The maximum benefit is achieved when it’s performed to time, but you will still benefit by taking yourself to YOUR maximum… and you will equally benefit by performing the moves in your minds eye if it is too challenging physically

Kriya is a practice – it can take time to perfect these movements and breath work combinations, (especially the one we are doing at present). We don’t jump into anything being able to do it immediately, so please be gentle with your sweet selves when you are learning something new. And remember it’s been proven that the brain makes muscles fire in sequence if you do it in you minds eye (you have to seriously do it though, not just close your eyes and think about your next holiday – that’s for Shavasana 😉

Another reason that it is so important to push past the mental chatter when performing Kriya is exactly for that reason… You are pushing past the mental chatter, and that in itself is a practice..

How we do one thing is how we do everything…. Some Kriya will ‘trigger’ you – it will be activating areas that have built up stagnancy in.. be that physical, energetic or emotional stagnancy. It could be in the heart area, could be the shoulders, it could be flexibility, co-ordination, or strength… but wherever you are feeling the discomfort this is not a reason to not do it, this is the reason ‘to’ do it.

You are literally being given the keys to your own prison cell. A trigger is a key – welcome the trigger because it is just trying to show you where something is blocked. If you find yourself criticising yourself, this will be showing you where you are criticising yourself in other places in life. Talk to me about this when it happens to you – I will help you to reframe things.

Most classes are a beautiful and rewarding experience – relaxing you, deepening your relationship with your inner world.., but some may just bring up ‘moments’ of frustration or irritation in parts. If that happens then get excited, because it means you are on the verge of something getting shifted and healed, if you stick with it and soften to it. Don’t resist it though… it is trying to show you something profound.

Class is such a perfect opportunity to work through emotional and energetic issues (which by the way is what all chronic physical issues are about too). You are in a safe space when you come to my Kundalini Yoga classes – as a somatic therapist I have a deep understanding of any blocks that may arise as well as the ability to guide you through any discomfort. By understanding what is happening and releasing the judgement to it, you are in an incredible position to heal even deep long term issues. If you come with an open mind to using classes for helping you deepen your relationship with yourself, then you can consider it a type of inexpensive therapy.

And another really important factor is that you get to be amongst a tribe of truly special warm-hearted souls that I consider myself very honoured to teach <3 <3

I hope this perspective on classes may help those of you who may at times feel challenged, and to give those of you who are yet to experience classes, a feeling of curiosity..

Kundalini yoga is a ‘calling’… if it is meant for you it will call you. It aways does, and you’ll know when the time is right. I am looking forward to welcoming you to class, or back to class with a renewed sense of purpose, and non judgemental discipline soon <3

Namaste sweet souls