Hi my loves

So this week coming is a powerful one – whoop whoop. We have the Lionsgate Portal peaking on Monday (8/8) and then actual the Full Moon on Friday 12th, which will be the LAST super moon of the year…It is also a RARE triple conjunction of Mars Uranus and North Node, which we have not seen for 2000 years (it’s a biggy), and we have a grand cross happening too

Thankfully we will have our own sweet celebrations of this freedom loving Supermoon in Aquarius on Saturday 13th, with a meditation & soundbath event. Yet another wonderful opportunity to be with your tribe, for some powerful healing, nurturing, and relaxing.. with tea, cake and wonderful conversation (or gentle reflection & integration) thereafter.

Meanwhile… what is the energy this Full Moon in Aquarius going to bring us I hear you say?…. Well, we are in the season of Leo (which rules the heart) and so we are really being encouraged (courage) to live from the heart more than ever.  On Monday 8/8, we head into the peak of the Lionsgate portal, so if you’d like to make the most of this spiritually charged time then this is a good article to get you started

Full moons (especially super moons) are a time for release, and the message we are being given here is simplicity; it is living with gratitude, and focussing our energy on living at the highest possible vibrations. Whatever is keeping you from living at your highest vibration needs looking at.

Leo energy carries a childlike wonder, so there is no need to take life too seriously despite some of the big themes that are going on right now. Remember it is a choice how you respond to life, and from a soul level you are ALWAYS bigger than anything that happens to you or around you.

We have a rare grand cross: This is when planets are 90 degrees to each other, and the elements are at cross with each other, which is likely to make things a bit tense, so practice lots of temperance…The grand cross is happening in the ‘fixed’ signs which are a bit resistant to change (Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo) making us all feel a little stuck lately. We need to practice flexibility (and this time I’m not talking yoga ;p).

Elements for this fixed grand cross:-

Fire: Our Sun is in Leo (rules heart) so as I’ve mentioned we need to be channeling childlike wonder and curiosity, as well as courage to do what we know is right. Practice gratitude.

Air: The Moon is in Aquarius (rules ankles, shins and circulatory system) – this is the sign known for rebellion, freedom, revolution, intellect.

Water: South Node, which is all about old patterns that no longer serve us, is in Scorpio. Therefore everything we must start to move away from, is in the house of scorpio: surveillance, censorship, sexual energy that is of a darker ‘underground’ nature (not to be confused with the positive sexual energy which is passionate and creative).

Earth: The most important elemental energy is Earth right now (the Taurus energy, so think about things that nurture you, and make sure you are listening deeply to whats unsaid as well as what’s said, by becoming more sensitive to energy and instinct. Taurus rules sound, ears, throat, voice ….get grounded deeply, get out in nature frequently.

We also have the rare triple conjunction with Mars, Uranus and the North Node: This conjunction brings with it speedy and hot energy – it’s volatile, chaotic and turbulent, so we may see more seismic activity.. but it can also be very cleansing

The last time Mars, Uranus and the North Node perfected three conjunctions between them near 19 degrees Taurus was in 324 BC. Mars is a trigger, a catalyst and has certain similarities to Uranus as they both favour impulse, quickness and speed. Mars rules anger, passion and action.

Mars and Uranus together create a lightning strike, so you’re wise to handle this lightning combination with care – be cautious not to leap out of the frying pan into the fire. Avoid angry volatile situations, and recognise your own impulse to leap into action with no care or forethought.

Yet, the plus side of this triple conjunction seems to be awakening something within society and within individuals. We are getting both a physical and consciousness upgrade with all this photonics light and energy. Anything that is NOT love will fall away. Don’t fight for the old, allow things to shift into position.. keep the faith that what is happening is for your highest good. We are raising our consciousness at a rate of knots – you’re not the same person you were even a month ago..

Despite the potential for being firey and disruptive, it could be a major time of breakthroughs, enlightenment and innovative action.. in fact this might just be the ideal time to finally heed the call of change.

In case this helps, here are some Journal Prompts for the Full Moon:

1. In your heart of heart, is there something you KNOW you need to break free from…. because now is the time to really face that with the Leo energy of courage

2. What are you taking too personally? If you are feeling unseen and unheard somewhere in life, then the energy of Aquarius (which can be detached and cool), might help you to step back a little and see where you may be ruining your own pleasure by taking it a bit too personally. ‘The four agreements’ is a really excellent book for helping shift perspective on that.

3. What makes you feel free – (inside)… What are you holding onto, where are you limiting yourself and holding yourself back?

Have a wonderful week my loves, I hope to see you at Kundalini in the Park, or at my Soundbath and Meditation retreat on Saturday, however if not be super gentle with yourselves as we navigate the August energy

Sat Nam xx