Hello dear souls

We are right now already in the shadow of what is going to be a very powerful Lunar Eclipse falling in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign, ruling all things material – finances, homes, food, creature comforts and our sense of safety and stability. During an eclipse, metaphorically and literally, things go very dark before they become light, and that is mirrored in our 3d reality too.

We are also in Scorpio season, which is the most intense of the water signs and very connected to dark secrets and the occult.  The darker elements of society and the powerful undertones of corruption gather momentum, likely to be brought out to the light in rather unceremonious and shocking ways in the coming weeks and months ahead.

On the practical footing, there is likely to be a bit of a shake up with things to do with finances – we are being called to get our house in order and not to spend on things we can’t afford, especially things that are frivolous and likely to only serve our egos needs. It will greatly serve to release any unnecessary material aspects of our lives, and to get clear on our values.. what do you value and what can you use as value (to trade with).  We are also being asked to attend to our health and spiritual affairs.

The big take away message is to take this time to practice a ton of self care in the realm of physicality and nature.  Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus appreciates all things sensual.  Long baths, scented candles, journalling, breath-work, gentle yoga, naps and plenty of rest, long walks in nature, soft cashmere sweaters.

We may be feeling more malaise than normal and more stiffness, so it is important to take care of our physicality.. Taurus is all about the physical.  Massage, magnesium oils, breath work to detox the body, gentle yoga, rather than any heavy hard exercise like intense cardio or weights.  Much rest is being called for now.  More sleep and little naps will do us all the power good during this transit.

This lunar eclipse is the longest one in a millennia, in fact the last time we had one of this length was back when the Inca’s were building Machu Picchu..

The symbolism of an eclipse is held in our ancient roots, and traditionally spells out endings, and new beginnings.  The significance of an eclipse  is therefore huge to us.. and whether you are consciously aware of this impending eclipse or not, you may well have been feeling a sense of something heavy in the pit of your stomach lately…

This doesn’t necessarily mean a forbearing, it is just that through the ages we have often suffered something big – famines, sickness, crops not yielding, a death of a king/leader.. all during an eclipse, and we carry those fears in our genetic codes.

This eclipse is an opportunity.  It is a time to get ourselves realigned with our truth and in integrity.  We do not need to fear.  In fact we are being called to keep our vibrations as high as possible and to practice a ton of self care.

The Universe has your back and wants what is best for you.  So if you know something is really not quite right for you then try to take this opportunity to let go and release yourself from it, whether that is people, places, habits or, work.. and that way the Universe won’t need to the the action for you.  If you have been doing your spiritual work you will find it easier to navigate this time.    Create space in your life – you cannot receive something new if your cup is full, so allow it to empty and trust, have faith… all will align for your highest good.  Your courage will be rewarded.

We’re in unchartered territories right now because the playing field of our lives has just got broader.  The huge amounts of energy from solar activities have been upgrading our DNA with light codes for some time.  These upgrades have expanded our field of vision, our psychic and telepathic skills, our abilities in many areas.  Be observant and practice discernment.. if you have chosen to go against your inner voice then you may have to face a few harsher realities, but remember that whatever is moved out of your life is only going to serve to offer the space for something more real and more beautiful to come in than you could ever have dreamed of.

Trust the higher energies.  Walk away from things that are not meant for you, learn the art of letting go and you will be rewarded more than you could ever know. This is the transformation that you know was on its way <3 It is here and you are ready xx