It is said that a gong finds you, (in so far as it should be a ‘divinely inspired’ occurrence), and happily this has been the case with both of my gongs <3.  

First came the powerful 40inch Gong, inscribed with the symbol and frequency of Kali – Mother of the Universe, divine protector & liberator as well as Goddess of time, death and power. 

Kali came to me completely out of the blue when I’d had a considerable shock and was feeling like I’d had the rug pulled from my feet. It was like she came along to tell me not to give up, and to confirm I was indeed on my path <3  My dear friend Bradley, who was about to go travelling and who happened to be heading to my town that week offered to loan her to me,  then subsequently sold her to on to me, as I’d fallen totally for her deeply transformational vibrations and stunning energy.  

And now through incredible timing and fortune, Neptune has graced little ‘ol me with his presence =)  There is a huge waiting list throughout Europe for this Gong, so it really did seem like another miracle.

Neptune is the God of waters and seas.  He also ruled over horses and controlled the winds and storms. He’s usually pictured riding his horses through the Sea carrying his famous Trident – a force to be reckoned with. Yet the Planet Neptune (which is the 4th largest planet in our solar system) carries with it the vibration of unconditional love, forgiveness, spirituality, and mysticism. Neptune is the planet of divine inspiration and rules our dreams

I have always had a deep respect and fascination for water of any kind. It is my astrological ruling element, and in psychology has always been connected with emotions. 

And the final piece of the jigsaw piece?… well as most of you know, I am always talking about the consciousness of water, and love to show the work of Dr Masaru Emoto at my events, to describe the power our intentions have during cacao ceremonies (pictured with him below after attending one of his talks in 2012).  

Emoto is known for the incredible experiments he did with water molecules.  By exposing water to a particular word or piece of music, freezing it, and photographing the crystals that are formed, Dr. Emoto has shown that beautiful crystals come from beautiful words and music, and from mean-spirited, negative words, come malformed and misshapen crystals.

I have heard through many sources that water is going to play a very big part in the raising of consciousness on the planet as it will be used in technology more and more.  Water is a liquid crystalline super computer.  It is the only thing on the planet that can be a solid, a liquid, and a gas….;)

It both amuses and fascinates me that right from the start of giving soundbaths,  I have always described them as a mixture of both a cosmic and underwater journey…. and I now find in reality, both of my gongs are the epitome of that 🙂 

I hope to see you at one of my events soon so you too can have the magical, mystical and profoundly healing experience of these beauties <3

Sat Nam

Penny x