Next Saturday (30th April) there will be a POWERHOUSE of energy available that you will NOT want to miss out on, which is why I chose to have our next mini-retreat for ‘abundant new beginnings’ on this date.

The 30th of April is a New Moon in Taurus, AND it’s a Solar Eclipse; it’s also the eve of Beltane and almost the start of Eid… all within hours of Pluto going retrograde too.  So what does this all mean?   

Firstly it’s a rare ‘Black Moon’ (a second new moon to fall within the same month), but more importantly it is going to be a Solar Eclipse – our very first of the eclipse season.

Eclipse’s are extremely powerful events as they bring very ’transformative’ energy, lending this power to themes and traits that converge with whatever sun (or moon) they are eclipsing.  With this one in Taurus, it’s inviting us to slooooow right down with its earthy nurturing, homely and stabilising energy.


Jupiter and Venus will be in alignment at the time of this eclipse, and as Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Jupiter is all about expansion, it creates a wonderful energy of abundance.  This is one of the sweetest pairings we can have in the sky, and coupled with having the eclipse as well, it truly amplifies the abundant energy. Wherever we’ve been putting a lot of effort into our life, know that we’ll soon start to notice the the fruits of our labour come into being.  Doors are opening, opportunities are rife.


New Moons are traditionally a time to set intentions, however a solar eclipse makes it 100x more potent.  Add in the ‘earthy, sensual, materialistic’ sign of Taurus, and you’ll see it is VERY powerful in terms of manifestations.  There’s a high potential for things to come into fruition in our lives at a very rapid pace, with doors of opportunity swinging  open without warning.

However, under a solar eclipse we are being called to focus more on our heart’s vibration; to focus more on opening our heart, and ‘attracting’ what is in alignment with our highest good, rather than ‘willing’ things into being with intentional thoughts alone.  It is not necessary to go into the ‘manifestation’ type of ritual you might normally do on a new moon.

A solar eclipse is a time that our soul contracts are activated, which is why it is more important to focus on our clearing our energy so we are more open to receiving what is already in the pipeline for us.  It is a good time to shed whatever is not needed in order to make room for the new.  What can you let go of in order to be more in alignment with your heart?  There might be some sudden shocks and surprises ahead.  Sometimes no less than a jump into the void is required…  


With Uranus energy still being very active there could be a very sudden awakening, changing your course in life completely.  You might feel a call to liberate yourself from something, or a knowing that you are destined to shift to a higher level of consciousness.  It might be a bit jarring at times, but know you are ready.  You have been preparing for this even if you were not consciously aware of it.  If things get too difficult, just try to get some routine and stability, using the Taurus themed energy in its most comforting way.  What is it that we want to nurture this Taurus season?  It is time to get into ‘flow’ state and ride it all out.

Know that whatever occurs is for our highest good and we should use this nourishing earthy Taurus energy to rest and reset, as we move through the transformative energies the eclipse season brings. Keep your vibration lifted as much as possible, there is a purpose and there are gifts to whatever unfolds in this time, no matter how bumpy it gets.  It is time to feel (and claim) your worth and value.

Whatever was started in the last Taurus Eclipse on 19th November you may find coming back up again for some extra attention.  The next eclipse will be a blood moon eclipse on Scorpio on May 15th (we will have another mini-retreat on that day too).


The 30th April is also the eve of Beltane which is a Celtic/Pagan celebration that is half way between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, marking the turning of the seasons from spring to summer.

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, and the days grow longer, all around flowers are blossoming and green buds are bursting open; vital life-force energy floods throughout the land.

Beltane has always been a time for gathering – for dancing and feasting.  The Beltane Fire gets lit in honour of the Sun, thanking it for its protection and life-giving energy to all animals and crops, and to encourage growth and fertility in the coming season. There are many celebrations and rituals to enjoy, including fire jumping, dancing round the maypole, making corn dolls and flower garlands.

It is a time for reawakening our senses to beauty and wonder (befitting traits for the ‘Venus ruled’ Taurean season), and rekindling deeply held and powerful memories of our ancestors connection with the sun and the earth. This is also the time of the ‘greenwood marriage’ and the story of the green man and the May Queen which honours union, fertility and manifestation.

When there is so much separation and disconnection in the world today, what intentions, wishes, prayers and dreams for honouring the earth and healing ourselves can we come together to awaken?

I would love for you to join us in celebration of these special occasions outlined above.  This is a perfect opportunity to get present with ourselves in sacred space and take time to listen to our hearts yearnings.  If you are unable to make it to the retreat then you can still create a lovely ritual for yourself with some journalling, ceremonial cacao, and mediations.

To read more about the next mini-retreat and to book, click here.

Wishing you all a fantastic New Moon, Beltane and Eid, whatever you are doing and wherever you are in the world.

Namaste xx