Blood Moon and Scorpio eclipse May 16th – what might in mean to you?

An eclipse is always a time of revealment – it’s an opportunity to see behind the facade and the veil.  And although that can be a good thing, as it reveals information that helps us take our power back from those who’ve been keeping us in the dark, it can also mean ‘our’ information is revealed – and that ‘we’ are exposed to privacy violations.  

Therefore now is a good time to be extra cautious with keeping your private stuff, private.  Be discerning about what cookies you allow, what apps you download and who you give your passwords and keys to (etc).

There are big themes of dishonesty right now, so it’s important to cultivate your sense of intuition and your gut feelings, as well as doing due diligence with checking facts out.  Also make sure you are staying in integrity with your own values, and be a little more conscious and mindful about what you put on social media too.

It’s going to be difficult to please all people during this transit – there will be alot of scope for misunderstandings, as well as competitive and combative energy.  This is because there is a lot of Martian (Mars) energy in the mix – Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Venus and Chiron are also in Aries (ruled by Mars).  We have gone from a period of watery intuitive femininity, to this period of intense yang masculine and driven energy.

It is always good to take a balanced view of any sign so that we can harness the most positive aspects of it, and not get tripped up or hijacked on the darker aspects.  With Scorpio, the positive aspects are determination, courage, passion and a dedication for uncovering truth.  When they know what they want, they are driven to succeed.  The other side of the coin is the same stance on truth is not extended to others necessarily though.  Manipulation and a vampiric energy can take over, as Scorpio’s darker nature can be resentful, controlling and vengeful.  

This is what we must watch for in ourselves (regardless of our own sign), as well as in others.  All traits are in all of us – it is just that as each astrological sign comes centre stage, it will highlight that particular signs qualities and aspects in the collective. 

There could be slightly edgier energy with an air of unpredictability, so its a very good time to clean your auric field to ensure you stay vibrating outside of the more toxic and warring energy field that might be more rampant right now.  That is our best protection – to rise above this darker energy, to clear our own decks and be careful what we consume (whether food, drink, information or entertainment).  Needless consumption must be addressed in this vampiric energy period – and we will be rewarded well for doing so with more feelings of safety and security 

The mix of Scorpio AND Pluto is powerful, it’s not just spiritual, this is a time of REALISED change.. meaning we are ALL going to feel a ‘letting’ go of something in a real and measurable way.  This is an empowering transit for detaching from anything that threatens your wellbeing – and we are going to be supported to kick that habit once and for all, or to remove ourselves from a toxic environment, whether relationship, friendship or job. This transit will really support that final letting go.  

The key to navigating this transit will be the ability to let go of things; to not cling too tightly to any ideas, things, people or beliefs.  Not only will holding on be more painful if you’re resisting a change, but remember you cannot grab at new opportunities that serve you better, if your hands are already filled with things not meant for you.

As I’ve already mentioned, with all this martian energy, things are about to get a little more intense, with active, dominant, pioneering and innovative energy.  There’s likely to be more war orientated mentalities, as well as a major competitive theme coming out in us.  Egos will be a little on guard and easily bruised or triggered.  

However, we are invited in this time to take this competitive energy and turn it into something more favourable.  This could be used in a conscious positive way, such as taking part in ‘who can grow the biggest crop of food to be shared’, or a competition about finding new innovative ideas for helping in the community, or a fitness competition.

We are also being invited to be a little more adventurous and entrepreneurial.  What will give us the most benefit right now is being flexible and nimble.  We need to stay light so we can move quickly towards new opportunities and think outside of the box.  Tried and tested old solutions may not be what works at this time, but rather innovative ethical solutions, especially ones that can be worked together in a collaborative team, will be most successful, as solo ventures are not as sustainable long term.

And as we are being invited to grow spiritually, mentally and physically, this is also a big season for planting and growing what will sustain us. 

There has always been (for millennia) a strong link to growing crops by following the moon cycles, the weather and astrology. The Farmers Almanac is a publication that has been around since 1818 and closely follows astrology and the weather so that farmers can plan  what crops to plant, reap, harvest and when to lay fields fallow etc.  This lunar eclipse weekend is a great time to plant anything with deep roots, anything that grows under the ground, or that is off season, or that has vines or thorns.  So get those carrots sewn (with a few bulbs of onions to ward off the carrot fly I am reliably told ;P

Veggie growing aside though, given that our beloved Banisteriopsis Caapi is a Vine, it will be an especially fortuitous time to make a beautiful Eclipse Full Moon batch so we can harness all this powerful energy. Make sue to put a comment on your order should you wish to have a bottle of this powerful elixir.

Lunar Eclipses are going to become extremely rare due to the fact that we moving further away from the sun, so lets enjoy these very spiritual celestial events while we can

Wishing you a fabulous Scorpio Full Moon – its definitely worth taking a little time out to prepare yourself for this next phase ahead.

Namaste sweet souls